Descendants of Henry Penny



Generation One


     1.  Henry1 PENNY, according to records, did not know his birth date; however, based on his age at time of death he was born 11 January 1754. Several sources give his place of birth as North Carolina – perhaps Scotland Neck, Halifax County, or more likely Scotland County or Anson County, both near the South Carolina border. The names of his parents are not confirmed at this time, but the search continues.

          According to several sources Henry’s paternal grandparents were born in England and his father was in the King’s Army and then fought in the Revolutionary War on the side of the colonists with three of his sons, one of whom was Henry. It is known that Henry enlisted in the Continental Army about 1778 and served as a private in the South Carolina troops in Colonel Brandon’s Regiment. He fought in the battles of Eutaw Springs (8 September 1781) and Cowpens (17 January 1781) and was in the sieges of Ninety-Six (22 May to 18 June 1781) and Charleston (29 March to 12 May 1780). After the fall of Charleston he entered the ranger unit formed by Captain Avery. For his war service Henry was granted a pension of $80 per annum on 1 November 1833 at age 78.

          Yet another source says Henry was of Irish descent. If so, his father may have been one of the Scotch-Irish Presbyterians who came through the Saluda Gap from North Carolina into South Carolina and settled in the north central part of the state.

The first recorded mention of Henry was in connection with a land grant for 250 acres on the Tyger River in Berkley County, South Carolina dated 25 April 1774. (In the Colonial period Union County, South Carolina, where Henry was known to have settled, was considered part of Berkley and Craven Counties.) Interestingly, Henry’s surname was given as Thickpenny. Additional land, court and census records for at least the next 30 years give his name as Henry Thickpenny, and so one must assume that to be the original family name. There were no other Thickpenny in South or North Carolina in the Colonial Period, but there were several Penny/Penney. One possible scenario is that Henry’s father and brothers (if the Revolutionary War story is to be believed), shortened the family name early on and that Henry himself did not follow suit until he left South Carolina around 1804. Among the records identifying Henry as Henry Thickpenny:


It is interesting that in the 1800 federal census, when Henry still resided in Union County, South Carolina, and was still using the surname Thickpenny, he was listed as Henry Penney [sic]. The household was shown to contain 1 male under 10; 1 male 10 under 16; 2 males 16 under 26 and 1 male 45 years or older, plus 3 females under 10; 1 female 16 under 26 and one female 45 years or older. The young males and females could all be Henry’s children since his wife would be of child-bearing age, or they could be a combination of a male or female child of Henry’s and that child’s children.

           About 1777 Henry married Hannah BROWN who was born in 1759 in South Carolina. Hannah was a member of the Quaker, or Friends, Church; Henry was not. In the late 1700s there were four principal centers of Quakerism in South Carolina, two of those centers being in areas where there were Pennys: Bush River Monthly Meeting in Newberry County, established in 1772, and Cane Creek Monthly Meeting in Union County, established in 1789. Initially Friends were slave owners in South Carolina, but eventually they turned against the institution and those members who refused to emancipate their slaves were disowned, as were members who married outside the Society of Friends or went to war. Out of a desire to live where slavery did not exist, more than 100 Friends families moved from the South Carolina counties of Newberry, Spartanburg and Union northward between 1802 and 1807. Many went directly to the Miami Valley in Ohio (Ohio had been admitted to the union in 1803 as a “free state”) while another group, including Henry and some members of his family, settled first in Ohio County, Kentucky. Henry’s presence in that county was first shown on the 1 July 1806 tax roll for personal property which lists Henry Penney [sic], one white male above age 21 with two horses. 1814 was the last year in which he was listed (by then he claimed five horses). In the intervening years, in addition to Henry there were listed the following Penny: 1807 John; 1808 John and Thomas; 1809 John and Thomas; 1810 no tax book found; 1811 Thomas and James; 1812 Thomas and two Jameses; 1813 Thomas, and 1814 Thomas. In the 1810 federal census for Ohio County Henry Penny, James Penny and Thomas Penny were listed on the same page indicating they lived in close proximity to each other.

          By 1815 Henry and remaining members of his family had departed Ohio County, Kentucky for Union Township, Miami County, Ohio. Henry’s was the seventh tract of land recorded (1817) in Section 10 of the original Land Patent for the township. Evidently Henry turned over portions of this 160-acre tract on Ludlow Creek to his sons: John and Thomas on 10 March 1826 and to Elijah Penny (relationship not confirmed) on 23 March 1827. Also, on 23 March 1827, for the “consideration of the sum of one dollar,” Henry transferred one acre of land in the northwest section of this tract, one-half mile south of Laura, to William Miles and Samuel Thompson of Miami County and David Penny of Darke County for a meeting house and burial ground. (The father of this David Penny has not yet been identified.)

          Hannah, Henry’s wife, died 3 August 1829 in Laura, Miami County, Ohio at age 70, and was buried in the cemetery created on the acre of land donated by her husband: Old Ludlow Cemetery in Laura. On 13 October 1831 in Darke County, Ohio Henry married Mary (Thompson) GIVANS, a widow, born in 1781 in Virginia. She had one son, Edward, born circa 1804 in Virginia. Mary lived for a time in Warren County, Ohio then purchased land in Darke County in 1825. She was found there in Twin Township in the 1830 federal census. At that time Henry still resided in Union Township, Miami County.

          Apparently after Henry and Mary married he moved to her residence in Twin Township, Darke County, for he was found there in the 1840 census and it was here he died 16 April 1841 age 87 years, 3 months and 5 days. Henry Penny was buried in Old Ludlow Cemetery, Laura, and has two markers by his gravesite acknowledging his service in the Revolutionary War. In his will Henry requested that after all debts were paid the balance of his property, both real and personal, go to his “dearly beloved wife.” Edward Givans of Darke County, the widow’s son, was named executor of the estate and witnesses to the will were Henry’s son John Penny and John Sherer.

          Mary Penny died 20 December 1853 at age 72. She, too, was buried in Old Ludlow Cemetery, Laura. Mary died intestate and John Penny, Henry’s son, was appointed administrator of her estate, likely because her son Edward Givans and family had moved to Iowa in 1852.

      Proven children of Henry1 PENNY and Hannah BROWN, both born in Union County, South Carolina were as follows:

                 +   2        i.    John2 PENNY, born 6 September 1779; married Esther THOMPSON.

                 +   3        ii.    Thomas PENNY, born 18 January 1783; married Christiana HUNT.


      Other likely children of Henry PENNY and Hannah Brown have been identified as: (marked by **)


            **James PENNY. James was born circa 1780 in South Carolina, and died before 1860 in Illinois, likely in Warren, Knox or Peoria County. He married Anna (--?--) circa 1805, likely in South Carolina. The first positive evidence of James was on the 1810 federal census for Ohio County, Kentucky which listed a wife and two young males and 1 young female. He then appeared on the property tax list for Ohio County in 1811 and 1812, but did not appear thereafter. (Henry Penny and Thomas Penny remained on that list through 1814.) James and family were found in the 1820 federal census in Union Township, Miami County, Ohio. In the household were 2 males under 10; 2 males 10 under 16; 1 male 26 under 45; 1 female under 10; 1 female 10 under 16 and 1 female 26 under 45. In 1830 the family had moved to Harrison Township, Preble County, Ohio (Harrison Township is next to Monroe Township, Darke County, where many Penny resided.) Listed were 2 males 5 under 10; 2 males 10 under 15; 1 male 40 under 50; 1 female 5 under 10 and 1 female 40 under 50. In 1840 James Penny was back in Union Township, Miami County, Ohio with 1 male 50 under 60; 1 female 20 under 30, and 1 female 50 under 60. James moved to Illinois, likely between 1847 and 1849. Anna died some time between 1840 and 1850 for she was not with James in the 1850 census in Warren County, Illinois. Rather, James, age 71, had in his household Rhoda Penny, age 46, born in Ohio, and Wesley Penny, age 17; Henry Penny, age 15; Elizabeth Penny, age 14; Sylvester Penny, age 11; Eliza Penny, age 8, and Andrew Penny, age 6, all born in Ohio. The 1850 census gives no relationship to the head of household, however Rhoda was likely James’ son James Jr.’s wife and the children were likely James Jr.’s children. Next door was James Sr.’s son John Penny and his wife Catherine and their three sons.

            The known children of James PENNY and Anna (--?--), all born in Ohio County, Kentucky, were:

1.       James PENNY, Jr. was born circa 1806 and died between 1844 and 1850, likely in Warren County, Illinois. He married Rhoda HATHAWAY 1 January 1835 in Darke County, Ohio. The two eldest children with Rhoda and her father-in-law James in the 1850 census, Wesley and Henry, by virtue of their approximate birth years, may be from an earlier marriage by James and thus support the idea that he was also the James Penny who married Elizabeth RIDGELY 27 December 1827 in Miami County, Ohio. Rhoda was born circa 1805 in Ohio. She appeared in the 1860 federal census in the household of John and Catherine (Westfall) Penny in Manlius, LaSalle County, Illinois. By 1870, at the age of 66, Rhoda was with her daughter Elizabeth and her husband in Peoria, Illinois. She died before 1880. There were at least four children of James and Rhoda. Elizabeth Penny, born circa 1836 in Ohio, married Edward DORSEY 3 August 1853 in Miami County, Ohio and in 1860 they lived in Troy, Miami County. By 1870 the family had settled in Peoria, Illinois.  Edward was born circa 1830 in Ireland. Their children were John, born circa 1855, Ohio; Mary A., born circa 1857, Ohio; Edward James, born in 1859, Ohio; Sarah E., born circa 1862, Ohio; Rhoda E., born circa 1867, Illinois; and Charles, born in February 1870, Illinois. Sylvester Penny was born circa 1839 and in the 1860 census was in Troy, Miami County, Ohio in the household of Ephraim J. Westfall and his mother Ann Westfall, age 68, born in Kentucky, who may be the brother and the mother of Catharine Westfall, wife of John Penny. Ann was Anna McJimsey/McGimpsey who married Joel Westfall circa 1811 in Miami County, Ohio. Sylvester was not found in subsequent censuses. Eliza Penny was born circa 1842. Andrew E. Penny was born in April 1844 in Ohio and married Margaret FEELEY 11 August 1866 in Manlius, LaSalle County, Illinois. Margaret was born in December 1844 in LaSalle County and was the daughter of John and Elizabeth Feeley, he of Ireland and she of Canada. By 1880 Andrew and Margaret and their family were settled in South Moline, Rock Island County, Illinois. Their children were Edward, born in August 1867 in Illinois who was blind by 1900 and died 13 June 1934 in Moline at age 66; Mary Ellen, born in 1869 in Davenport, Scott County, Iowa and died 21 August 1937 in Moline at age 68; and Delia, born in October 1877 in Rock Island County, Illinois who married (--?--) BAXTER and had daughters Mary L., born circa 1913, and Rose M., born circa 1914. Delia died 15 February 1917 at age 39. Andrew Penny died 19 September 1932 at age 88 in Moline and wife Margaret died 20 December 1937 at age 93, also in Moline. Of the two sons who may have been children of James and Elizabeth Ridgely, Wesley Penny was born circa 1833 and was not found in the 1860 federal census or thereafter. Henry Penny, born circa 1835, was married at least twice and settled in Peoria, Peoria County, Illinois.

2.       Dennis PENNY was born circa 1809 and married Hannah Michael/s CONDON 21 March 1832 in Darke County, Ohio. Hannah was born circa 1807, the daughter of William and Elizabeth Michael/s. She had two sons, Stephen and John, with her first husband James Condon. Hannah died 21 March 1893 and was buried in Ithaca Cemetery, Twin Township, Darke County. According to their son Jason’s 1919 obituary, after his birth in 1836 his parents, Dennis and Hannah, in search of a new home, “traveled over seven states going through Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, down the Mississippi River to New Orleans, back up the Ohio River to Cincinnati, and from there to Ludlow Falls, Miami County, Ohio, where they finally located.” Also according to Jason’s obituary, “when the call first came for men to put down the rebellion, he [Jason] and his father and two brothers responded and enlisted in the 48th Ohio Volunteer Infantry and his father and one brother were killed and the other brother died while still in service.”  Dennis died in March 1862 in the Civil War battle at Pittsburg Landing, Tennessee. According to son Jason's obituary, Dennis and Hannah had 11 children. Only four have been identified.

                        The known children of Dennis PENNY and Hannah Michael/s CONDON were:

a.       Jason Henry PENNY was born 30 July 1836 in St. Joseph County, Michigan, per his obituary. He died of arteriosclerosis and Brights disease 18 September 1919 in Greenville, Darke County, Ohio at age 83, and was buried 21 September 1919 in Greenville Cemetery, Darke County. Jason was a cabinetmaker. According to his obituary, “At the battle of Pittsburg Landing, Brother Penny was captured and was held a prisoner three months, was then exchanged and soon after he enlisted in the 1st U.S. Cavalry and served until honorably discharged in September 1864.” Jason married Mary Ann DUNCAN 15 September 1858 in Darke County. Mary was born 14 February 1837 in Miami County, Ohio and died 17 November 1923 in Greenville at age 86. She was buried in Greenville Cemetery. Mary’s obituary said she was the daughter of Jessie and Rebecca Duncan, but another source gave her mother’s name as Elizabeth (Brown) Duncan and in the 1860 census living with Jason and Mary A. was Elizabeth Duncan, age 61, born in South Carolina. Mary was one of 11 children, all of whom preceded her in death. Jason and Mary had four known children. Florence Viola Penny was born in December 1859 in Union Township, Miami County, Ohio and died 1 September 1902 at age 42. Forrest Penny was born circa 1862 in Union Township, Miami County and died before 1900. Josephine Penny, known as Josie, was born 27 March 1873 in Greenville, Darke County and died 27 February 1895 in that city at the home of her parents at age 21. She was buried 1 March 1895 in Greenville Cemetery. Charles H. Penny was born 11 August 1867 in Union Township, Miami County and died 4 March 1942 in Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio at age 74 of cardiac failure. He was buried 7 March 1942 in Greenville Cemetery. Charles married Tracy Ellen SHOEMAKER 15 March 1890 in Darke County. Ella, as she was called, was born 7 September 1870 in Versailles, Darke County, the daughter of John and Sophia Shoemaker/Shumaker. She died 15 May 1924 in Greenville at age 53. Charles and Ella had four known children. Estella May 'Stella' Penny was born 14 October 1891 and died 4 September 1912 in Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio at age 20. She was buried 17 September 1912 in Greenville Cemetery. Walter Duncan Penny was born 3 August 1893 and died in May 1968 at age 74. He married Nellie (--?--) after 1920. Nellie, born circa 1900, was probably Walter’s second wife since according to the 1930 federal census he was first married at age 20, or around 1913, and in the 1920 census he lived with his mother in Greenville and was single. The son listed in the 1930 census with Walter and Nellie, Jack R. Penny, age 12, born in Iowa, was perhaps Nellie’s son from a previous marriage who adopted the surname Penny. Lola F. Penny, another child of Charles and Ella Penny, was born 15 August 1896 and died in January 1986 at age 79. Her last known address was Osceola, St. Joseph County, Indiana. Lola married Earl Ray AKER circa 1919. In the 1930 federal census Lola and Earl lived in Penn Township, St. Joseph County where Earl was a buyer for a dry goods store. Earl was born circa 1902 in Indiana. Lola and Earl had three known sons: Earl Ray, Jr., born 28 August 1919 and died in Florida in June 1984 at age 64; Richard E.; and Jack L., all born in Indiana. Emery Guy Penny was born 20 November 1901 and died of a coronary thrombosis 7 December 1944 in Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio at age 43. Emery married Mary Octavia BECKER circa 1922. Mary, the daughter of Jacob Henry and Martha Elizabeth (Graham) Becker, was born 17 September 1905 in Winchester, Randolph County, Indiana, and died 15 November 1965 in Dayton at age 60. Their known children were Richard Eugene, born 2 May 1924 in Greenville, Darke County and died 1 August 1999 in Huber Heights, Montgomery County at age 75, who married Mary Elizabeth WOLFE; and Patricia Ann, born 6 April 1933 in Dayton and died 6 December 1990 in Santa Ana, Orange County, California at age 57, who married Ronald Allen MABRY.

b.       Andrew Jackson PENNY, often referred to as Jackson or A.J., was born 3 April 1840 in Darke County, Ohio. He served in the 48th Ohio Volunteer Infantry in the Civil War, along with his father Dennis and brother Jason. After the battle at Pittsburg Landing, Tennessee, in which his father died and his brother Jason was captured, he was stationed most of his remaining service time in Cincinnati, Ohio where he received a commission to recruit a battery of heavy artillery for the adjutant general of Kentucky. After recruiting 100 men they were organized into a company of cavalry and served three years and three months. Andrew was honorably discharged and returned home. He married Margaret WEDDLE 11 October 1863 in Miami County, Ohio. Margaret, the youngest child of Isaac Weddle, was born 20 May 1844 in Ohio, and died at age 35 on 27 April 1880 in Miami County, 19 days after the birth of her namesake daughter Margaret who was likely named following her mother’s passing. She was buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Newton Township, Miami County. On October 20th subsequent to the death of Margaret the Probate Court of Miami County was presented with a Guardianship case involving five of Andrew’s children. Andrew married second Elizabeth CROWEL 25 November 1882 in Miami County. They divorced and in the 1900 census he lived at the National Home for Disabled Soldiers in Jefferson Township, Montgomery County, Ohio. Andrew died of a cerebral hemorrhage 13 July 1912 at age 72 in Newberry Township, Miami County, and was buried 15 July 1912 in Pleasant Hill Cemetery. Andrew and Margaret had seven known children, all born in Miami County. Anna Penny was born 24 October 1865 and died of pulmonary tuberculosis 17 October 1909 at age 43 in Newberry Township, Miami County. She was buried 19 October 1909 in Highland Cemetery, Newberry Township. Ann married Joseph MARLIN 17 March 1887 in Miami County. He was born 12 July 1858 in Pennsylvania, the son of Oliver Perry and Eliza (Sunda) Marlin, and died of internal hemorrhaging after being run down by a car 31 January 1932 at age 73 in Newberry Township. He was buried 4 February 1932 in Highland Cemetery. Anna and Joseph had five daughters and three sons. Chester Marlin was born 23 August 1887 and died 15 May 1968 in San Diego, San Diego County, California at age 80. He married first Elsa NORDQUIST 5 September 1917 in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois and second Mildred G. SNYDER 24 April 1920, also in Chicago. Pearl Marlin was born 17 February 1889 and died at age 97 in November 1986. She married Albert Willis STRYKER 21 October 1910 in Miami County. Ruth Ella Marlin was born 21 April 1892 and died of pulmonary tuberculosis 21 September 1912 at age 20. She was buried 23 September 1912 in Highland Cemetery. Grace M. Marlin was born 20 May 1895 and died of pulmonary tuberculosis 24 December 1914 at age 19. She was buried 26 December 1914 in Highland Cemetery. Lois Marlin was born in August 1897 and died 3 June 1923 in the District of Columbia at age 25. She married Lawrence Ivan CROTINGER 18 August 1920 in Miami County. Thomas Wilbur Marlin was born 1 August 1899 and died of pulmonary tuberculosis 20 December 1919 at age 20. He was buried 23 December 1919 in Highland Cemetery. Perry Marlin was born 2 August 1901 and died at age 94 on 5 April 1996 in San Diego County, California. Pauline Marlin was born circa 1909 and likely died before 1920. Charles Elmer Penny was born 5 October 1868 and died of a cerebral hemorrhage 19 September 1940 at age 71 in Covington, Newberry Township, Miami County. He was buried 22 September 1940 in Highland Cemetery, Newberry Township. Charles married Mary Magdalene MOHLER 24 December 1887 in Miami County. Mary was born 25 July 1871, the daughter of Joseph and Minerva (Maurer) Mohler, and died 25 January 1942 at age 70. She was buried 27 January 1942 in Highland Cemetery. Charles and Mary had five daughters and a son. Blanche Victoria Penny was born 7 September 1889 and died in 1954 at age 65. She married Herbert Quantrell HEDRICK 15 July 1908 in Miami County and had six children. Hazel Marie Penny was born 7 September 1891 and died of tuberculosis 8 February 1923 in Piqua, Miami County at age 31. She was buried 10 February 1923 in Forest Hill Cemetery in Piqua. Hazel married George Harrison DUNN 19 July 1917 in Miami County and had a daughter. Clarence Kendall Penny was born 4 December 1894 and died 17 September 1955 at age 60. He married Dorotha Wilhelmina HAVEMAN 16 March 1924 in Miami County and had two children. Margaret Mohler Penny was born 24 January 1899 and died of cardiovascular disease 27 January 1953 at age 54 in Middletown, Butler County, Ohio. She was buried 30 January 1953 in Woodside Cemetery, Middletown.  Margaret married Harvey Elmer ZIMMERMAN 24 December 1918 in Miami County and had five children. Doris L. Penny was born 16 December 1901 died 11 September 1978 in Kentucky at age 76. She was buried in Willow View Cemetery, Northridge, Montgomery County, Ohio. Doris married first Harry Arthur LANNER 3 July 1926, and second Earl HAPNER circa 1937. Helen Jeanette Penny was born 17 December 1908. Isaac Weddle Penny was born 14 September 1869 in Miami County, Ohio and died of pneumonia 10 December 1916 in Covington, Miami County at age 47. He was buried 13 December 1916 in Highland Cemetery in Covington. Isaac was a corporal in Company K, 3rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry in the Spanish-American War. He married Bessie Helen SMITH 4 April 1891 in Miami County. Bessie was born 2 October 1872 in Miami County, the daughter of James Peter Smith of Perry County, Pennsylvania, and died of heart failure 25 April 1944 in Piqua, Miami County at age 71. She was buried 28 April 1944 in Highland Cemetery. Miami County records show a Mrs. Bessie H. Penny marrying George S. Hartman 28 January 1920, however in the federal census of 1930 Bessie, with the last name of Penny, lived alone in Covington in Miami County. Perhaps George died or they divorced and Bessie resumed using her original married name. Isaac and Bessie had two daughters. Helen Penny was born 7 May 1894 and died of tuberculous meningitis 1 April 1910 in Covington, Miami County, Ohio at age 15. She was buried 3 April 1910 in Highland Cemetery, Covington. Zelpha Penny was born 2 June 1903 and died at age 15 of lagrippe 20 October 1918 at the Girls' Industrial School in Concord Township, Delaware County, Ohio. She was buried 23 October 1918 in Highland Cemetery. Josephine Penny was born 11 April 1871 in Union Township, Miami County, Ohio and married James W. BROWN 21 May 1891 in that county. James was born in August 1871 in Ohio. Josephine and James had a son Harley Leroy Brown born 22 April 1892 and died in January 1965 in Florida at age 72. George W. Penny was born 11 July 1876 in Union Township, Miami County, Ohio and died after 1930, likely in Michigan. He married Myrtle M. TRYON 17 November 1904 in Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan; it was her second marriage. Myrtle was born circa 1879 in Clare County, Michigan, the daughter of Volney and Mary Tryon. In 1910 George and Myrtle lived in Detroit and he was an automobile assembler. They remained in Detroit through 1920, but by 1930 resided in Sheridan, Clare County with Myrtle’s mother and sister. Leonard R. Penny was born circa 1878 in Newton Township, Miami County, Ohio, and died 24 February 1881 at age 3 in that location. Margaret Penny was born 8 April 1880 in Newton Township, Miami County, Ohio. She died there of cholera 27 July 1880.

c.       Oliver PENNY was born circa 1846 in Union Township, Miami County, Ohio. He served in the 44th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry in the Civil War and was also in the 8th Regiment Ohio Cavalry. Oliver was shot dead from his horse in a battle at Louisburg, Virginia.

d.       Mary Ella PENNY, known as Ella, was born 15 January 1852 in Union Township, Miami County, Ohio and died of pneumonia following the fracture of her femur 18 October 1944 at age 92 at Miami Valley Hospital, Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio. She was buried 24 October 1944 in Riverside Cemetery, West Milton, Miami County. Ella married Oliver CUSSINS 23 July 1871 in Miami County. Oliver, a carpenter, was born 24 November 1840 in Virginia, the son of William and Mary Cousins [sic] per the 1850 federal census in which the family resided in Allegany County, Maryland. His surname has been seen spelled both Cussins and Cousins, with the former spelling used most frequently. Oliver died of chronic interstitial nephritis 25 April 1917 in Dayton. He was buried 28 April 1917 in Riverside Cemetery. By 1900 Oliver and Ella had 12 children, eight still living. Their known children were: John W. Cussins, born 1 January 1873 who resided in Los Angeles, California in 1917; Mary Elsie Cussins, born 13 August 1875 and died 18 April 1961 in Montgomery County, Ohio at age 85, who married Tellis J. HALL 17 August 1893 in Miami County and had children Alva Earl, Elsie V., Mary E., John T., Ida I., Sarah, James, Havelock and Joe; Flora Cecile Cussins, born in March 1878; Grace Cussins, born in August 1880; Bessie Edith Cussins, born 30 March 1883, who married first John Howard PIERCE and had children Hugh and Meriam Ethel, and married second circa 1912 Isaac Newton JONES; Henry Wendell Cussins, born 1 March 1887 and died 19 April 1952 in Los Angeles County, California at age 65, who married Sarah Elizabeth WAITE 15 October 1924 in California; Harrison Martin Cussins, born 4 September 1888 and died of pulmonary tuberculosis 18 November 1909 in Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio at age 21; Roe Cussins, born 6 May 1894 and died 14 January 1969 at age 74; and Brenda M. Cussins, born in September 1898.


3.       John PENNY was born 12 October 1818 in Kentucky and died 8 February 1889 in either Illinois or Kansas. He married Catherine WESTFALL 10 October 1845 in Miami County, Ohio. Catherine was born 17 January 1830 in Ohio and died 12 June 1902 in Cornell, Livingston County, Illinois. She was buried in Phillips Cemetery in Livingston County. John, a farmer, and his family appeared on the federal census of 1850 in Warren County, Illinois living next to his father James. On the 1860 census John and family were in Manlius, LaSalle County, Illinois. By 1870 they lived in Union Township in Livingston County and in 1880 appeared in Owego Township in that county. As of 1900 Catharine had 10 children, all living.

            The known children of John PENNY and Catharine WESTFALL were:

a.       George Milo PENNY was born in September 1846 in Ohio and died 26 January 1929 in Streator, LaSalle County, Illinois at age 82. He married Margaret ANDERSON 25 September 1868 in LaSalle County. Margaret was born in December 1845 in Illinois and died between 1900 and 1910 in LaSalle County. Their known children were Alice Penny, born in 1872; Edward D. Penny, born 4 March 1875 and married Emma HUNTER 11 May 1896 in LaSalle County, Illinois who resided in Fergus County, Montana in 1920; Carrie Mae Penny, born in 1879 and died 7 November 1949 at age 70 who married Jabez MORRISON 16 May 1900 in LaSalle County, Illinois, and George Penny, Jr., born in October 1886. In the 1880 federal census the family lived in Streator, LaSalle County and George was a tin peddler. By 1900 they were in Bruce Township in LaSalle County and George worked as a teamster. George and Margaret had six children, four living in 1900.

b.       Sylvester Joel PENNY, a teamster and a farmer, was born 14 March 1849 in Warren County, Illinois and died 25 October 1924 in Streator, LaSalle County, Illinois at age 75. He was buried in Phillips Cemetery in Livingston County, Illinois. Sylvester married Mary FITZGERALD 26 December 1876 and lived in Streator, LaSalle County in 1880 and in Newtown Township, Livingston County, Illinois in 1900. Although Sylvester’s marital status in the 1900 federal census was given as married, his wife was not listed with him. Present in the household, however, were his mother Catharine and his sisters Rhoda and Cynthia. Mary, Sylvester’s wife, was born circa 1860 in Illinois.

c.       Mary Jane PENNY was born 26 November 1851 in Illinois and died 12 October 1912 in Hat Creek, Sioux County, Nebraska at age 60. She married George Henry RICE in December 1874 in Downs, Osborne County, Kansas. George was born 12 July 1849 in Farm Ridge, LaSalle County, Illinois, the son of Levi and Marietta (Bacon) Rice. George and Mary Jane settled in Kansas and were found in Paradise Township, Russell County in 1880, and in Valley Township, Phillips County in 1900. In 1909 the family moved to Hat Creek, Sioux County, Nebraska where George homesteaded. He died 19 January 1929 at age 79, likely in Niobrara County, Wyoming. The couple had eight children, seven still living in 1900: Lauretta Winifred Rice, born 16 November 1875, who married James CLARK and was widowed by 1930; Anna May Rice, born circa 1878 and died in a flood; Charles Henry Rice, born circa 1879; George Levi Rice, born 11 June 1886 and died 15 August 1967 in Scottsbluff County, Nebraska at age 81, who married Agnes TANGARD circa 1918 and had children Cynthia E., Richard D., Mildred P., and Eveline E.; Mamie Isabella Rice died in a flood; Mary Edith Rice, born in April 1887 and died 5 November 1972 in Ozaukee County, Wisconsin at age 85 who married August GOEDEN circa 1911 and had children Alvin August, Sylvia E., Vernon Elmer, Orville Otto, Viola Angeline, Virginia May, Ervin H., Kenneth, and Armand M.; Cleora Catharine Rice, born 4 January 1890 and died 14 June 1970 at age 80 in Kansas City, who married Arthur White BIRDSELL 3 December 1912 in Mankato, Jewell County, Kansas and had children Merle Ellis, Hazel Gwendine and Alfred Charles, and Benjamin Franklin Rice, born 18 November 1892 and died 26 July 1959 in Silver Lake, Cowitz County, Washington at age 66, who married Ethel L. NICKELSON circa 1918 and had children Henry J., Lauretta F., Cleora E., and Benita M. All of Mary Jane's and George's children were born in Kansas.

d.       James Pickett PENNY was born in January 1855 in Illinois and died 19 June 1949 in Streator, LaSalle County, Illinois at age 94. He never married. In the 1900 and 1910 federal censuses James lived in Quincy, Adams County, Illinois and was a retail merchant of wood and coal. In 1920 he resided with his brother Sylvester and two unmarried sisters Cynthia Ann and Rhoda in Reading Township, LaSalle County, and by 1930 he lived in Otter Creek Township, LaSalle County with his unmarried sisters Cynthia Ann and Rhoda.

e.       John William PENNY was born in November 1856 in Illinois and died 14 June 1925 in Streator, LaSalle County, Illinois at age 69. He married Elizabeth Jane (--?--) circa 1895 in Russell County, Kansas. She was his first marriage and he her second. Janie, as she was called, was born in December 1851 in Indiana. As of 1900 she had given birth to 10 children, and three were still living. They were listed in that census with John as his step children, but no surname was given. Those children were William, born in August 1887; Nancy M., born in August 1888, and Lilly May, born in September 1890. In the 1910 federal census both girls were married to McBride men and lived with their husbands and daughters in Russell, Russell County, Kansas in the household of John and Janie Penny.

f.       Anna Maria PENNY was born 3 November 1860 in LaSalle County, Illinois and died 10 April 1922 in Eureka, Humboldt County, California at age 61. Circa 1885 she married Louis Washington JACKSON who was born 27 May 1856 in Maine, the son of George W. and Martha A. (Davis) Jackson. He died 2 May 1934 in Bucksport, Humboldt County at age 77. Anna and Louis had seven children, and three of their daughters married brothers, sons of Willard and Catherine Ellen (Thomas) Stockton. Jessie May Jackson was born 9 June 1889 in Colorado, probably Craig, Moffatt County, and died 7 August 1940 in Humboldt County, California at age 51. She married first Charles SHILLING 7 August 1906 in Craig County. He was born 6 February 1875 in Wisconsin and died between 1920 and 1930 in Humboldt County. The couple had children Rose M.; Eugene V., born 1 March 1909 and died 26 February 2001 at age 91; Lillian B.; Violet C.; Pansy B.; and Fern. Jessie married second Elmer Leroy CHESTER some time after 1930. He was born 18 September 1889 in Illinois and died at age 55 on 1 January 1945 in Humboldt County. Ada Bell Jackson was born 9 May 1891 in Craig, Moffatt County, Colorado and died 24 October 1979 at age 88 in Eureka, Humboldt County, California. On 27 May 1913 in Humboldt County she married Oliver Island STOCKTON who was born 5 May 1888 in Grand Island, Hall County, Nebraska and died 24 May 1973 at age 85 in Eureka. They had children Hazel Inis, born 2 March 1914 and died in 1917 at age 3;; Walter Oliver, born 6 April 1916 and died 17 June 2006 in Colorado at age 90, who married Jean Lillian ALLEN; Opal Irene, born 22 September 1918 and died 17 July 1988 in Washington at age 69, who married Orian R. GOLDSBARY; Wilma Bell, born 3 April 19821 and died 25 September 1999 at age 78, who married Norman Frank STEVENS and Henry M. LEAL; Loretta Virginia, born 12 November 1923 and died 12 December 1992 in California at age 69, who married Macey Lane WILSON; twins Thelma Pearl, who died at birth, and Lawrence Owen who married Helen BELAK; and Vella M., born 23 October 1928 and died 31 December 1999 in California at age 70, who married Cecil Wayne HART. Cynthia Catherine Jackson was born 26 April 1893 in Russell County, Kansas and died 3 December 1968 in San Bernardino County, California at age 75. She married Asa Council STOCKTON 27 November 1911 in Elko County, Nevada. Asa was born 27 February 1876 in Council Bluffs, Pottawattomie County, Iowa and died 22 February 1949 in Humboldt County, California at age 72. The couple had children Alice Fredonia, born 4 February 1913 and died 14 September 1986 in California at age 70, who married Jefferson SEAVEY and Lloyd PARKS; May Ellen, born 16 March 1915, who married Eugene Victor SCHILLING; Margaret Evelyn, born 24 July 1918 and died 1 July 1945 in California at age 26, who married Walter PHELPS; Charles Asa, born 4 December 1920 and died 12 January 2005 in California at age 84, who married Rosine PHILLIPS; Stephen Lester, born 16 April 1923 and died at age 21 on 24 January 1945; and Edward Sylvester, born 7 February 1925 and died in California 21 February 2008 at age 83, who married Edyth LILLQUIST. Louis Jackson was born circa 1894 in Wyoming. Cora Loretta Jackson was born 4 March 1898 in Craig, Moffatt County, Colorado and died 22 June 1993 at age 85. On 24 March 1918 in Eureka, Humboldt County, California she married William Berry STOCKTON who was born 29 September 1872 in Council Bluffs, Pottawattomie County, Iowa and had been married previously to Stella Florence George. Cora and William had children Margaret, born 24 July 1918 and died in 1919; Anna May, born 18 October 1920 and died 1 June 1983 at age 62 in Sacramento County, California who married [--?--] HEDGLIN; William Andrew, born 30 June 1922 and married Laura Bell TING; and Willard W., born 4 April 1926 and died 13 January 2005 in California at age 78.

g.       Rhoda Isabelle PENNY was born in December 1864 in Illinois and never married. She lived with her brother Sylvester in the 1900, 1910 and 1920 censuses and by 1930 was with her single sister Cynthia and single brother James in Otter Creek Township, LaSalle County, Illinois. Rhoda died  21 June 1929 in LaSalle County at age 74.

h.       Cynthia Ann PENNY was born in November 1867 in Illinois. She never married. Cynthia lived with her brother Sylvester in the 1900, 1910 and 1920 censuses. By 1930 she was head of household in Otter Creek Township, LaSalle County, IllinoisIn the household were her single brother James and single sister Rhoda. Cynthia died 4 January 1950 at age 83 in Kankakee County, Illinois.

i.       Barbara May PENNY was born in December 1873 in Livingston County. Illinois. Circa 1895 in that state she married FRANK MCGEE who was born in March 1874 in Illinois, and the couple had children James L. McGee, born 5 April 1896; Gladys M. McGee, born in January 1898; Sylvester Franklin McGee, born 26 December 1899 and died in February 1984 in South Bend, St. Joseph County, Indiana at age 84; John McGee born circa 1902; Hazel McGee, born circa 1904; Ralph E. McGee, born 9 November 1906 and died 16 November 1995 at age 89 in South Bend, St. Joseph County, Indiana; Clifford McGee, born circa 1908; and Isabella McGee, born circa 1911. 


            Probable children of James PENNY and Anna (--?--) were as follows:

                     1. Amos PENNY was born circa 1815 in Tennessee, according to the 1850 federal census, and married Nancy HILL 27 August 1838 in Miami County, Ohio. She was born circa 1816 in Tennessee or Ohio. In 1840 Amos, Sr. lived next to James Penny in Union Township, Miami County, Ohio with a wife and two males under 5 years.  By 1850 the family had moved to Knox County, Illinois. (Knox Co. is adjacent to Warren Co., where James Penny was found in 1850.) Amos likely died by 1860 for his wife Nancy and son Columbus were in the federal census together that year in Spring Grove Township, Warren County, Illinois. Daughter Martha and son Amos lived with a family in Monmouth Township, Warren County, and son William was with a family in Cold Brook Township in that county. Amos and Nancy had children: Columbus C. Penny was born circa 1839 in Miami County, Ohio and died between 1910 and 1920, likely in Knox County, Illinois. He married Susannah SAINT GEORGE 15 December 1864 in Warren County, Illinois. She was born circa 1840 in New York and may have died before 1913. The couple had no childre. Sarah Jane Penny was born circa 1840 in Miami County, Ohio and died before 1900 in Warren County, Illinois. On 14 December 1856 she married William Hardin BURNETT who was born 1 December 1829 in Kentucky, the son of Harvey Henry and Janet Hart (Strong) Burnett. The couple had daughters Caroline, Estelle, Luella, Elizabeth and Josephine. Mary Penny was born circa 1842 in Miami County, Ohio. She married Harvey RICKETS 20 February 1860 in Warren County, Illinois. He was born circa 1839 in Illinois and was likely the son of Zachariah and Mary Rickets. The couple had children Alta; Volney, born circa 1863 who married Anna C. SKIVER 12 November 1894 in Warren County; Cleora; Lura; Edwin; and Arthur Milton, born 5 January 1872 and died 6 February 1942 at age 70 in Los Angeles County, California. Cornelia Ann Penny was born 6 March 1845 in Miami County, Ohio and died 16 April 1915 at age 70 in Clatsop County, Oregon. She married Ariel Brunson COE 26 March 1861 in Warren County, Illinois. Ariel was born 6 June 1942 in Illinois and died 11 January 1908 in Clatsop County at age 65. The couple had children Elmer A.; Grace; Martha J.; George W.; Estella; Ada Melissa, born in January 1880 and died in 1903 in Caltsop County at age 23 who married John W. HOARE 4 July 1899 in Clatsop County; and Emmet N. William H. Penny was born in December 1847 in Illinois and married Susan G. PERRIN  6 January 1880 in Warren County, Illinois. She was born in April 1855 in Illinois and died 2 February 1921 in Monmouth, Warren County at age 65. Both of her parents were from England. William and Susan had children Chadsey Bowers, born 23 February 1881 and died 12 November 1926 in Warren County at age 45; Harrison C.; and Clara C. Martha Penny was born in July 1849 in Illinois and died between 1920 and 1930 likely in Fayette County, Iowa. She married first 18 March 1869 Cornelius G. DEWEESE who was born circa 1844 in Barren County, Kentucky, the son of John Granville and Sarah (Nicholson) Deweese. The couple had a daughter Jessie and a son Charles W. born in 1874 in Illinois who married 23 November 1905 in Fayette County, Iowa Lucy Geneva BOUSKA. Martha married second Jamison L. HAINES 6 October 1876 in Warren County, Illinois and had children Mary, Alfred J., Martha E. and Edna E. who married Clare MALONE. Amos A. Penny was born in September 1851 in Illinois and died 15 March 1946 in Warren County, Illinois at age 94. He married Elizabeth 'Lizzie' FLUKE 5 February 1874 in Warren County. Lizzie was born in April 1854 in Pennsylvania, the daughter of Joseph and Eleanor Fluke. She died between 1910 and 1920 in Warren County. The couple had children Lulu M. who married Joseph H. VEST 4 December 1895; Ella M. who married John C. WELLS 13 February 1898; and Amos Warren, born 4 April 1886.



                        **Theophilus PENNY. Based on the 1850 federal census, Theophilus was born circa 1779 in South Carolina. His name was first found recorded in a July 1803 Union County, South Carolina land document. In it Theophilus Thickpenny, along with Henry Thickpenny and John T. Penny [sic] were witnesses to a land transaction between Richard Thompson of Union District and Joseph Thompson of Newberry District. The land involved 150 acres on Padgett’s Creek, waters of the Tyger River. Seven months later Theophilus Thickpenny was mentioned as owning property on Padgett’s Creek adjoining 150 acres purchased by Mahlon Pearson from Charles Pressley. Evidently Theophilus and family did not accompany Henry Penny and others in the mass migration northward in 1804 since records dated 20 March 1806 show that Theophilus Thickpenny purchased for $70 a tract of land consisting of 133 acres on Tyger River that was bequeathed to Henry Addington of Butler County, Ohio by James Addington, his father. One and one-half years later Theophilus sold this tract to James Dugan for $133. In the 1810 census Theophyl [sic] Thickpenny was still found in Union County, South Carolina. In his household were 1 male under 10, 1 male 26 under 45, 2 females under 10 and 2 females 16 under 26. According to a biography of his grandson Elijah W. Penny, the family of Theophilus T. Penny [sic] moved to Ohio in 1816. It is known that as Theophilus Penny he purchased 80 acres in Miami County in July 1819. Land purchases and sales continued in Newton Township and the village of Milton into the 1830’s. In several instances his name was given as Theophilus T. Penny, and once as Theophilus Thick Penny. And, as Theophilus Penny he was listed on the federal censuses of 1820 and 1830 in Newton Township, Miami County. In 1820 in his household were 1 male under 10, 1 male 10 under 16, 1 male 26 under 45, 2 females under 10, 1 female 10 under 16 and 1 female 26 under 45. In 1830 there were 1 male 15 under 20, 1 male 50 under 60, 1 female 15 under 20 and 1 female 50 under 60. A land sale was recorded 19 October 1821 in which Sarah Benson Brown, a legatee of her father James Benson, and her sons James and his wife Sarah, Robert and his wife Hannah (likely Theophilus’ sister. See 7 vi. below.), and her daughters Anna Goens, Elizabeth Brown and Polly Brown, sold 100 acres of land along the Tyger River in Union County, South Carolina to William Brown (likely another son of Sarah’s) and his wife Polly. William subsequently resold this land to Theophilus Penny, who was listed in the 1820 census in Miami County, Ohio. It is not known why this land was purchased nor when Theophilus purchased it. As of the 1820’s all of the Browns appeared also to live in OhioTheophilus and family moved to Carroll County, Indiana, likely around 1838 when his friend Joel Hollingsworth was said to have moved from Union Township, Miami County, Ohio to that county. Joel and Theophilus lived next door to each other in Carroll County in the 1840 census. In Theophilus’ household were one male 60 under 70, 1 female 15 under 20 and 1 female 50 under 60. Theophilus returned to Ohio to marry Mary Mote  6 February 1846 in Darke County. He was married at least once previously, to a Sally whose name appeared with his on an 1807 land record in South Carolina and a Miami County deed dated September 1840. Mary Mote was born Mary North, the daughter of John and Rachel (Nichols) North, circa 1782 in Georgia. She married first Joseph Mote, the son of John and Susannah (Few) Mote of South Carolina. Theophilus, age 70, and wife Mary, age 68, were in District 9, Carroll County, Indiana in the household of grocer John McHaffy, age 38, born in Ireland, in the 1850 federal census. In 1854 Theophilus Penny’s name was recorded on an abstract of title for 6.454 acres of land in Monroe Township, Howard County, Indiana when he purchased a quit-claim deed from John and Rachel Coppock for $300. That same year this piece of property was sold by Theophilus T. and Mary Penny to Barnabus Busbee via a warranty deed.  An IGI record in the Family History Center gave Theophilus’ death date as 26 January 1859, place not given, but this fact has not yet been confirmed.


                        Known children of Theophilus PENNY and likely wife Sally (--?--) were;

1.       John Theophilus PENNY was born circa 1808 in South Carolina and possibly died in 1891 in Iowa. He married Deborah WESTFALL 1 January 1829 in Darke County, Ohio. She was born 4 March 1808 in Darke County, the daughter of Job and Margaret (George) Westfall. In 1840 John, Deborah and family were in Carroll County, Indiana, as was his father. They were found in Monroe Township, Howard County, Indiana in the 1850 federal census and by 1860 resided in Dallas Township, Marion County, Iowa. In 1870 John T. and Deborah were in Washington Township, Franklin County, Iowa. John’s son Elijah’s biography stated that in 1883 John T. resided in Calhoun County, Iowa, and that is confirmed by his presence in that county in Jackson Township in the 1880 census. Evidently Deborah was deceased and John T. had remarried to Mary MCBRIDE, born circa 1818 in Ohio. A woman named Elizabeth McBride, age 87, was in the household, listed as “mother,” and since she was not John’s mother would likely be Mary’s. Also in the household was a grandson, age 14, born in Iowa (father born in Ohio and mother in Indiana) with the surname Cox and first name illegible, but possibly an abbreviation of George. It is not known who his parents were.  John T. and Deborah had eight known children. Theophilus Penny was born in Ohio in 1829 and died in October 1832. Noah Penny was born 4 July 1830 in Ohio and died of blood poisoning at age 82 in Joplin, Jasper County, Missouri  21 March 1912. He was buried 22 March 1912 in the Baptist Cemetery in Joplin. Noah served in the 87th Regiment Company B, mustering out of Pulaski County, Indiana. He married 7 July 1853 in Indiana Eliza Jane DEPOY, born 11 March 1837 in Ohio, the daughter of William and Mariah (Parnell) Depoy. She died in 1892 at age 55. They had 10 known children. Their daughters, all of whom were said to have died relatively young, were Emma J., born circa 1857 in Missouri; Christa, born circa 1860 in Iowa; Clarinda, born circa 1862 in Iowa; Eliza A., born circa 1865 in Iowa; Ida M. born circa 1867 in Iowa; Lillie, born circa 1871 in Iowa; and Nettie, born circa 1874 in Iowa. Their eldest son, Leander Penny, was born in March 1854 in Indiana and married circa 1884 Mary A. (--?--). Leander and Mary had children Flora, born in August 1885 in Missouri; Thompson E., born 11  March 1890 in Missouri and died 7 June 1961 in Los Angeles County, California at age 71; James Loyd, born 12 September 1892 in Kansas; Walter Bert, born 16 April 1896 in Missouri; and Clara A., born in June 1898 in Missouri.  Noah and Eliza also had sons Frank Penny and Birt O. Penny. Frank, a zinc miner, was born 14 February 1876 in Nebraska and died 14 September 1913 in Joplin, Jasper County, Missouri at age 37. He was buried 16 September 1913 in Forest Park Cemetery in Joplin. Birt was born circa 1878 in Nebraska and died between 1920 and 1930 in Quapaw Township, Ottawa County, Oklahoma. He married circa 1901 Daisy D. (--?--) and had sons Charles W., born circa 1903, and William B., born circa 1905, both in Missouri. Noah and family were enumerated in Dallas Township, Marion County, Iowa in the 1860 federal census; Washington Township, Franklin County, Iowa in the 1870 census; and Hebron, Thayer County, Nebraska in the 1880 census where he was listed as a veterinary surgeon. In the 1900 census Noah, age 69, was found in Pineville Township, McDonald County, Missouri, a widow living alone. Also in McDonald County, but in Elk River Township, were Noah’s son Leander and his family. Diannah Penny was born 13 November 1832 in Ohio and died 1 December 1900 in Kokomo, Howard County, Indiana at age 68. She was buried in Cassville Cemetery in Miami County, Indiana. On 24 November 1853 in Howard County Diannah married Joseph MYERS who was born 21 November 1831 in Crawford County, Indiana. Joseph, the son of John and Mary (Stewart) Myers of Virginia, died 18 November 1907 at age 76. Diannah and Joseph resided in Howard Township, Howard County in the 1880 federal census. Their children were: Marietta Myers was born 5 November 1856 and died 2 Febraury 1877 at age 20. She was buried in Cassville Cemetery, Miami County, Indiana. Mary Cornelia Myers was born 24 August 1855 and died 8 January 1910 at age 54. She married circa 1882 Frank ST. JOHN who was born in May 1857 in Indiana and died 29 January 1940 at age 82 in Kokomo, Howard County, Indiana. Borth Mary and Frank were buried in Crown Point Cemetery in Kokomo. Elijah Albert Myers was born 20 July 1858 and died 26 December 1918 at age 60 in Claremore, Rogers County, Oklahoma. He was buried in Woodlawn Cemetery in Rogers County. Elijah married Elnora Elena HENDERSON 20 April 1882 in Kokomo, Howard County She was born 1 August 1865 in Howard County, the daughter of Andrew Jackson and Elizabeth (Rivers) Henderson, and died 16 April 1931 at age 65 in Macomb County, Michigan. elijah and Nora had children Charles C., Eva L., Rovert Everett, Alfar, Ernest, Alberta, Edgar, Russell, Benjamin F., Walter, and William M. Harry Carson Myers was born 6 July 1863. Ada Myers was born 10 September 1865. Richard Penny was born circa 1833 in Ohio and married Martha J. PENNY, the daughter of Elisha and Elizabeth (Waymire) Penny, circa 1857. In the 1860 federal census the couple and their daughter Eliza, age 2, were enumerated in Richmond, Wayne County, Indiana where Eliza was born. Richard died between 1868 and 1870 in Darke County, Ohio and Martha married second Solomon Weills 5 March 1873. Richard and Martha also had two sons. Charles Robert Penny was born 13 September 1866 in Darke County and died 1 August 1942 in Alliance, Stark County, Ohio at age 75. He was buried 4 August 1942 in Fairmount Memorial Park Cemetery in Alliance. Circa 1890 Charles married Alice B. CRIDER who was born in March 1870 and died 19 April 1959 at age 89 in Stark County. The couple had children Edith, Ermina, Daniel Kenneth, Ethel B. and Charles Richard. Richard and Martha also had a son Daniel L. Penny who was born 24 March 1868 in Darke County and died 13 August 1948 in Springfield, Clark County, Ohio at age 80. He was buried 16 August 1948 in Ferncliff Cemetery in Springfield. On 13 October 1892 Daniel married Sylvia M. BROWN who was born in September 1870 in Ohio. She died 16 May 1956 at age 85 and was buried in Ferncliff Cemetery. Elijah W. Penny was born 21 April 1839 in Carroll County, Indiana. According to a biography in a history of Howard and Tipton Counties, Indiana, Elijah enlisted in the 6th Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry as a private and served three months in West Virginia. On 2 August 1861 he reenlisted in Company D, 39th Regiment and served three years as sergeant. He joined Company A, 130th Regiment in the fall of 1863 and by September 1864 had risen to the rank of lieutenant-colonel. He also served in the Department of the Cumberland, 23rd Army Corps, Army of the Ohio. Elijah was wounded six times during the war. On 6 August 1864, while in a charge on the right side of Atlanta, he lost his right arm near the shoulder and was wounded through the right side, the ball passing through the muscles of his back, fracturing one rib and the spine. Out of the field only 60 days, Elijah returned to his regiment and served until the close of the war. He was in every skirmish and battle his regiment engaged in and was discharged from service 14 December 1865. Elijah had the distinction of being the only soldier from Indiana who kept the field with such severe wounds, and received thanks from the Indiana General Assembly. In total he fought in 23 battles. Elijah married 25 January 1866 Sarah J. WILLIAMS, the daughter of John W. and Elizabeth Williams. She was born in Fulton County, Indiana 20 March 1848. Elijah was in the livery business in Kentland, Newton County, Indiana and in February 1866 sold out and moved to Galveston, Cass County, Indiana where he engaged in the tobacco trade. In 1872 he moved to a farm in Howard County and four years later moved to the county seat of Kokomo where he sold marble. In the 1900 federal census Elijah, retired, and wife Sarah were roomers in a house in Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas. The couple remained in Topeka for the 1910 census and lived off his pension. Elijah died 23 October 1919, likely in Kansas. He and Sarah had two children: Edwin A. Penny, born 17 January 1867 and died between 1920 and 1930 in Denver, Denver County, Colorado, and Rosella O. Penny, born 18 May 1873 who married Frank L. JONES and had children Lucille M., Paul W., and Fonetta. Mary Ann Penny was born 9 September 1841 in Howard County, Indiana. Newton Penny was born 3 November 1843 in Howard County, Indiana and died 23 September 1904 at age 60 in Hardin County, Iowa. He was buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Ackley, Hardin County. Newton served in the Civil War in Company H, 32nd Iowa Infantry and married 28 October 1866 Catherine MILLER, who was born in February 1846 in Prussia, Germany and died 10 November 1916 at age 70. She was buried in Oakwood Cemetery.The couple had five children, four still living in 1900: Elizabeth C., born in February 1870; Hattie Belle, born circa 1872 and died before 1899 who married Edward SIEFKEN 7 November 1894 in Hardin County; Nancy C., born circa 1874; James Edward, born 22 September 1877; and Jeanette, born in July 1879. The family resided in Iowa, living in Franklin County, Osceola Township in 1870 and Grant Township in 1880 where Newton farmed 140 acres, and then in Etna Township, Hardin County in 1900. Rachel Penny was born 27 September 1846 in Indiana and married Daniel M. NORTH 22 July 1866 in Franklin County, Iowa. Daniel was born in January 1843 in Indiana, likely Tippecanoe County, the son of Leyton and Elizabeth North. He served as a private in Company H, 32nd Iowa Infantry in the Civil War. Rachel and Daniel resided in Marion Township, Franklin County where he was a farmer. They had five known children. Flora D. North was born in February 1869 and married William B. RICHARDSON 13 September 1888 in Franklin County, Iowa. He was born in September 1865 in Ontario, Canada, the son of William R. and Nancy (Butler) Richardson. William A. North was born in July 1873 and by 1910 resided in Spokane County, Washington. Charles O. North was born in June 1874. Lou May North was born 15 October 1876 and died 17 May 1964 at age 87 in Walla Walla County, Washington. She married Charles W. DEYE 11 July 1894 in Franklin County, Iowa. He was born 16 March 1867 in Shelby County, Ohio and died 30 May 1946 at age 79 in Walla Walla County. Lou and Charles had children alma Rachel, Irene M., Vera M., Howard W., and Hazel F. Orville Arlo North was born 25 February 1879 and by 1918 resided in Seattle, King County, Washington. All of Rachel's and Daniels children were born in Iowa except Charles who was born in Dakota Territory.


Based on birthdates, place of birth and/or an Indiana connection it is possible that the following were also children of Theophilus T. Penny:


2.       Noah T. PENNY was likely born around 1813 in South Carolina and married Rebecca RINARD 5 April 1832 in Miami County, Ohio. Rebecca was born circa 1814 in Ohio, the daughter of John Francis and Abigail (Thomas) Rinard of Pennsylvania. In Noah’s household in the 1840 federal census for Franklin Township, Darke County, Ohio were 1 male under 5; 1 male 5 under 10, 1 male 20 under 30; 1 female under 5 and 1 female 20 under 30. Noah was deceased by 1850 when Rebecca and son Lorenzo D. Penny, born circa 1833; daughter Mary Ann Penny, born circa 1837; son Noah R. Penny, born 15 May 1841; daughter Rebecca Penny, born circa 1844, and daughter Rachel Penny, born circa 1846, were in Franklin Township, Darke County. By 1860 Rebecca and her three youngest children, Noah, Rebecca and Rachel, resided in Ervin Township, Howard County, Indiana. The volunteer list for the Indiana State Militia, Howard County, in the summer of 1862 listed Noe R. [sic] Penny, age 21, farmer, 73rd Regiment. This Noah was head of household in the 1870 federal census for Clay Township, Howard County, Indiana. His mother Rebecca, age 58, lived with him as did Mary Shepherd age 34, and her daughter Lucy, age 11. Mary Shepherd was Noah’s sister. The identity of her husband is not known. Noah R. Penny was enumerated as head of household in the 1880 federal census in Windsor Township, Cowley County, Kansas, and living with him were E. H. Farris, age 30, born in Iowa and Elvina Farris, age 21, born in Missouri. By 1900 Noah, single, was a boarder in the household of Edwin Wilson of Illinois in Union Center Township, Elk County, Kansas. Noah died in Elk County 6 November 1900 at age 59, and was buried in Grace Lawn Cemetery in that county. Lorenzo D. Penny married Lavina THOMPSON 18 February 1858 in Darke County, Ohio. She was born in December 1836 in Ohio and died between 1900 and 1910 in that state. As of 1900 they had 11 children, seven still living. Loretta Penny was born 12 November 1859 and deed 14 December 1926 in Lima, Allen County, Ohio at age 67. Circa 1884 she married John VAN FLEET who was born in September 1849 in New York and died between 1910 and 1920 in Lima. Orlando A. Penny was born in August 1861 and married 6 August 1889 in Mercer County, Ohio Phoebe R. JONES, the daughter of Edward and Mary Jones, who was born in January 1862 in Ohio. Their children, all born in Van Wert County, Ohio, were Edward Lorenzo Penny, born 7 August 1890 and died in August 1968 at age 78, who married Clara Elizabeth SANDERSON 6 March 1923 in Coleman, Midland County, Michigan; Ellis McKinley Penny, born 11 December 1893 and died in July 1975 at age 81, who married Clariss Florence SANDERSON 29 November 1919 in Coleman, Midland County, Michigan; and Lindsay Alan Penny, born 4 October 1897 and died in September 1968 at age 70. In the 1900 and 1910 censuses Orlando and family were enumerated in Union Township, Van Wert, County, Ohio and in 1920 and 1930 were in Warren Township, Midland County, Michigan. Lorenzo's and Lavina's son Alvertis Penny was born in March 1864 and lived in Van Wert County, Ohio in 1900 and Sidney, Shelby County, Ohio in 1910. Lorenzo's and Lavina's daughter Anna Mary Penny was born 25 November 1868 and married first Ellis BARTHOLOMEW 6 November 1886 in Darke County, Ohio. Ellis was born in May 1862 and he and Anna had a son Harmon born in May 1892. In 1900 the family lived in Lima, Allen County, Ohio. Circa 1901 Anna and Ellis divorced and she married second Christian BROOKINS 16 October 1902. Anna died of acute dilatation of the heart 25 May 1926 in Lima at age 57, and was buried 28 May 1926 in Woodlawn Cemetery, Lima. Christian, a groceryman and the son of Thomas and Nancy (Newcomer) Brookins, was born 9 September 1859 in Ohio and died of a urinary abscess 11 May 1928 at age 68 in Lima. He was buried 14 May 1928 in Woodlawn Cemetery. Lorenzo and Lavina Penny's daughter Emily Penny, called Emma, was born 7 April 1869 in Darke County, Ohio and died 4 January 1933 at age 63 in Butler County, Kansas. She married 5 November 1886 John Alexander MICHAEL who ws born 10 January 1857 in Darke County and died at age 54 on 29 May 1911 in Lima. the couple had children Otto D., born in November 1888; Leonard Leon, born 12 February 1892; and Jessie Marguerite, born 27 June 1897 and died 3 February 1960 at age 62 in Del Norte County, California who married Samuel PAULDING, a Methoidst minister from England, 28 November 1918 in Lima.  Sarah P., and  Martha  were born circa 1869, circa 1871 and circa 1874, respectively. Lorenzo died  5 June 1912 in Lima, Allen County, Ohio. Lorenzo's and Lavina's daughter Sarah I. Penny was born 18 February 1871 in Dakre County, Ohio and died 6 February 1927 in Spenerville, Allen County, Ohio at age 55. She married William H. PICKERING 1 March 1918 in Allen County. William was born in 1868 in Wisconsin and died in 1949 at age 81 in Allen County. Sarah and William were buried in Spencerville Cemetery. Lorenzo and Lavina Penny's daughter Martha Jane Penny was born circa 1874 in Darke County, Ohio. She supposedly married [--?--] HARMAN. Lorenzo Penny died 5 June 1912 in Lima, Allen County, Ohio.


3.       Mary PENNY was born 19 March 1810 in South Carolina and died 30 May 1871 in Howard County, Indiana at age 61. She was buried in Russiaville Cemetery, Honey Brook Township, Howard County. Mary married Gideon VERNON 4 December 1829 in Miami County, Ohio. Gideon was born 27 October 1808 in Miami County and died 4 May 1884 at age 75 in Howard County. He was buried in Russiaville Cemetery. According to information from the September 1875 register of the Old Settler’s Society of Howard County, Indiana, Gideon and family resided in Monroe Township, Howard County for 39 years. They settled there 4 March 1840 when there were but three families west of New London to Burlington in Carroll County. In 1840 Gideon was on the federal census in Carroll County (Howard County was created from Carroll, Cass and Miami in 1844) listed on the same page as Theophilus T. Penny. By 1850 he and his family were found in Monroe Township in Howard County and there they remained. Mary and Gideon had seven known children. Thomas Vernon was born 5 September 1829 in Union Township, Miami County, Ohio. On 27 July 1854 in Howard County, Indiana he married Susan FRITZ, the daughter of Christian and Catherine (Schultz) Fritz, who was born 12 December 1836 in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. By 1900 the couple had 10 children, three still living. Their known children were Martha, born circa 1862; Jane, born circa 1867; Mary, born 22 January 1870 and died 6 July 1890 at age 20, who was buried in Russiaville Cemetery; Anna, born circa 1872; and Minnie, born circa 1877. Susan died 18 March 1904 at age 67 and Thomas died 7 October 1905 at age 76. Both were buried in Russiaville Cemetery. Sarah Vernon was born in 1831 in Miami County, Ohio and died 1 October 1886 at age 55 in Howard County, Indiana. On 22 August 1850 in Howard County she married Lemuel SHORE who was born 7 March 1828 in Lisbon, Columbiana County, Ohio, the son of James and Frances (Powell) Shore, Jr. He died 12 July 1893 in Howard County at age 65. Both Sarah and Lemuel were buried in Russiaville Cemetery. The couple adopted a daughter Anna E. Coy who was born in 1868 and who married William I. MICHAEL 30 August 1885 in Howard County. Lemuel married second 16 February 1888 in Howard County Sophia Swatsbager/Swatsfager who was born in May 1830 in Germany and had been married previously to William Lines and to Isaac Stevens. Sophia died in Kokomo, Howard County 2 February 1914 at age 83.  Laban Vernon was born 12 January 1834 in Miami County, Ohio. He mustered in Company F, 89th Indiana Infantry in Kokomo, Howard County 15 August 1862 and was discharged 24 December 1864. Laban was wounded in the right leg and collected a $6 a month pension. On 20 September 1855 he married Lydia Jane GORDON who was born 16 April 1836 in Indiana. They had no children, but adopted a boy, Thomas Shepard, who was born circa 1859 in Indiana, and likely a girl, Nancy Hamilton, born circa 1876. Laban was an assessor for Monroe Township, Howard County in 1898. He died 9 May 1905 at age 71 in Monroe Township. Lydia died 14 June 1912 at age 76. Both were buried in Russiaville Cemetery. John Vernon was born in February 1840 in Howard County, Indiana and circa 1860 married Sarah A. (--?--) who was born in June 1830 in Ohio. Their known children were Mary E., born circa 1861; Ira T., born in July 1863; Sarah C., born circa 1866; Isaac William, born in September 1868; and Rebecca, born in 1870. By 1900 the couple had had seven children; only two - sons Ira and Isaac - were still living. Some time after 1870 the family settled in Springdale, Washington County, Arkansas. Martha Vernon was born circa 1849 in Howard County, Indiana. Isaac Newton Vernon was born in 1851 in Howard County, Indiana and married Louisa E. WILHELM 27 April 1873 in Clinton County, Indiana. Louisa was born in Indiana 5 December 1854 and died 27 May 1882 at age 27 in that state. She was buried in Russiaville Cemetery. Isaac and Louisa had daughters Lilly May Vernon, born 26 August 1875 who married Jenerous M. MILLER 21 October 1894 in Clinton County, Indiana; and Anna Belle Vernon, born in March 1879 who married Curtis Arnold RICKER 28 April 1895 in Clinton County. Isaac married second Helen M. GORDON 7 January 1883 in Clinton County, and third circa 1890 Nancy Ellen STONE in Washington County, Arkansas. He died 21 February 1902 in Springdale, Washington County at age 55, and was buried in Bluff Cemetery in Springdale. Jane Vernon was born in March 1853 in Howard County, Indiana and 7 August 1871 in Clinton County, Indiana married Sampson MCCOY who was born in November 1847 in Ohio and died between 1920 and 1930 in Kokomo, Howard County.They had children Arvin, born circa 1872 and died before 1900; Charles, born circa 1873; Flora A., born in March 1876; and Minnie Z., born in November 1880. Minnie married Eldon S. EDWARDS 24 December 1901 in Howard County. Eldon was born in January 1877 in Indiana, the son of John and Alice Edwards, and died between 1900 and 1910. The couple had a son Lowell born circa 1903 in Howard County.

4.       Rachel PENNY was born circa 1804. Census records consistently show her birth place to be Ohio when no descendants of Henry Penny are yet in that state, however it is not uncommon in censuses for persons to give the wrong birth state.  One source does give her birthplace as North Carolina, but it was more likely South Carolina. The inclination to attach Rachel to Theophilus Penny arises from her presence in Howard County, Indiana in the correct time period and her migration further west to Missouri where a couple of children of John T. Penny, son of Theophilus, eventually settled. On 9 November 1830 in Darke County, Ohio Rachel married Josiah MARCUM, who was born circa 1801 in Tennessee, and in 1840 and 1850 they lived in Monroe Township, Darke County. In the household in 1840 were 1 male 5 under 10, 1 male 30 under 40; 1 female under 5, 1 female 5 under 10, 2 females 10 under 15 and 1 female 30 under 40. By 1860 the family had moved to Clay Township, Howard County, Indiana. Josiah died before 1870 for in that census Rachel was head of household, living in Sedalia, Pettis County, Missouri with her daughter Elizabeth Marcum, son William H. H. Marcum, and Sue Rogers, age 23, born in Ohio, her husband James C. Rogers, age 23, born in Michigan, and their daughter Annie Rogers, age 2, born in Missouri. Rachel and Josiah had six known children, but based on early censuses there were likely three more daughters, which may have been Rachel's by a previous marriage. She may have married 14 March 1822 in Miami County, Ohio Jonah Thompson and had a daughter Nancy who married Daniel Ridgely. In the 1880 federal census for Taylor Township, Howard County, Indiana, Rachel Marcum is enumerated as widowed mother-in-law in the Ridgely household.. Daniel Marcum was born circa 1831. Cyrena Jane Marcum was born 3 October 1832 in Miami County, Ohio and died 9 April 1904 at age 71 in Pulaski County, Indiana. She was buried in Star City I.O.O.F. Cemetery in Pulaski County. Cyrena married Jacob Austin DEPOY 2 December 1852 in Indiana. Jacob, a farmer and carpenter, was born 22 July 1829 in Fayette County, Ohio, the son of William and Maria (Parnell) Depoy. He died in May 1923 at age 93 and was buried in Star City I.O.O.F. Cemetery. Following Cyrena's death Jacob married Maria Warne 6 June 1906 in Logansport, Cass County, Indiana. Marie was born 5 January 1835 on the Isle of Wight, England, the daughter of James Walden, a shoemaker. She married first Charles Warne and their daughter Minnie married Cyrena's and Jacob's son Harry Raymond Depoy. Marie died at age 83 in May 1918 in Howard County, Indiana, and was buried in Mount Hope Cemetery, Cass County, Indiana. Cyrena and Jacob had children Amanda Jane, born 24 September 1853 and died after 1930, who married George HICKLE; William Silas, born 1 January 1855 and died 20 September 1937 in Pulaski County at age 82, who married Clarinda Alice MILLER; Harriet Elizabeth, born 15 October 1856 and died circa 1883; John Fremont, born and died 17 November 1859; Josiah Hamilton, born 18 September 1861 and died 10 August 1864 at age 2; James Leslie, born 18 September 1865; Frank Delmar, born 27 April 1869 and died between 1910 and 1920, who married Maude E. HOLLETT; and Harry Raymond, born 26 May 1876 and died in August 1963 at age 87, who, as mentioned, married Minnie L. WARNE. Elizabeth Marcum was born circa 1842. William H. H. Marcum was born in February 1844 and died of paralysis 3 September 1919 in Sedalia, Pettis County, Missouri at age 75. He was buried 4 September 1919 in Crown Hill Cemetery in that county. Circa 1886 William married Clara Virginia TOWLING, the daughter of William and Catherine Towling, who was born in August 1861 in Illinois and died of Bright's disease and interstitial nephritis in Sedalia 3 June 1936 at age 74. She was buried in Crown Hill Cemetery 5 June 1936. William was a real estate agent and in the 1900 federal census resided in Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri. By 1910 he and Clara, who had no children, resided in Iola, Allen County, Missouri.  Lucretia Marcum was born circa 1846.


The following could be children of Henry and Hannah (Brown) Penny, or might be offspring of Theophilus T. Penny. By virtue of geography they are definitely tied in some way to the family.


            Elijah PENNY  was born about 1800 in South Carolina and married Nancy FERGUSON 18 August 1819 in Miami County. Elijah was in the 1820 federal census in Union Township, Miami County, Ohio, age 16-26, with a wife in that age category and one son under age 10. He lived next door to Henry Penny, age 45 and over; John Penny, age 26-45; Thomas Penny, age 26-45, and James Penny, age 26-45. Elijah was not found in the 1830 federal census index but in the 1835 state census he was still in Union Township, Miami County, Ohio. In the 1840 federal census, Elijah Penny was in Union Township, age 30-40, as was his wife, and they had four sons and four daughters. He was not found in the 1850 federal census index, but in 1860 Elijah, age 60, born South Carolina, and Nancy, age 56, born Virginia, were in Van Buren Township, Pulaski County, Indiana, with Martha J. Penny, age 13, born in Indiana. Also in the household were Elijah C. Thompson age 11, born in Ohio, and Burrel [sic] Penny, age 22, born in Ohio. It is known that a Rachel Penny married Jonah Thompson 14 March 1822 in Miami County. Very possibly ElijahThompson was from this marriage, as likely was Sarah Thompson, age 14, in the household of John Penny four families away from Elijah’s household. This John Penny was no doubt Elijah’s son. Son Berl P. Penny was born 2 March 1837 in Darke County, Ohio, and served in the Civil War, first for a three-month enlistment in Company H, 9th Indiana Infantry, and then from October 1861 until July 1865 in Company A., 46th Indiana Infantry. Circa 1868 in Indiana he married Nancy A. GOSSAGE who was born 23 August 1850 in Butler County, Ohio, the daughter of Joshua and Matilda (Bridge) Gossage. The couple had nine children, five of whom were still living in 1900. William H. Penny was born in 1869; Ida May Penny was born 24 July 1873 and died at age 7 on 3 December 1880 in DeKalb County, Illinois. Essie W.Penny was born in February 1875 and married David Leroy BEATSON 21 July 1896 in DeKalb County. They lived in Belvidere Township, Boone County, Illinois. Alpha Penny was born in July 1878 and died in DeKalb County 2 December 1880 at age 2; Joshua C. Penny was born 1 January 1879 and died 5 December 1880 at age 1 in DeKalb County. Mabelle Delia Penny was born in September 1884 who married first in 1902 Elmer Dustin STAKEMILLER and second in 1914 George CRUSIUS. Harry Melvin Penny was born in March 1887 and died between 1910 and 1920 in Illinois. and Elmer E.Penny was born 17 October 1888 and married Cleora R. MORGAN who was born in July 1886 in Illinois. All the named children but the three youngest were born in Pulaski County, Indiana. Maybelle, Harry and Elmer were born in Kingston, DeKalb County, Illinois where the family was enumerated in the 1880 and 1900 federal censuses. Berl was admitted in 1906 to the U.S. National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers in Marion, Grant County, Indiana, and when discharged resided in Belvidere, Boone County, Indiana. It was here he died 26 August 1918 at age 81 and was buried in North Kingston Cemetery in DeKalb County, Illinois along with children Ida May, Alpha, Joshua, and Harry, as well as wife Nancy who died 16 April 1937 at age 87 in Sterling, Whiteside County, Illinois where daughter Mabelle resided. As mentioned above, the John Penny in the 1860 census in Van Buren Township, Pulaski County, Indiana was Elijah’s son. He was born circa 1830 in Ohio and may be the John Penny in Eel Township, Cass County, Indiana in the 1850 federal census. In 1860 John had a wife Elizabeth born circa 1840, also in Ohio. Neither can be found in the 1870 or 1880 census indexes.


            Hannah PENNY was born circa 1801 in South Carolina and died 26 July 1866 in Patterson Township, Darke County, Ohio. She was buried in Mendenhall Cemetery, Yorkshire, Darke County. Hannah married Robert BROWN 29 April 1821 in Miami County, Ohio. Robert was born circa 1800 in Union County, South Carolina, the son of Alexander and Sarah “Sally” (Benson) Brown, and died 3 October 1879 in Darke County. In the 1830 federal census Robert Brown and family were found in Twin Township, Darke County in close proximity to John, Thomas and Walter Penny. In the household were 1 male under 5, 1 male 5 under 10, 1 male 30 under 40, 1 female under 5, 2 females 5 under 10 and 1 female 20 under 30. In 1840 the family resided in Newton Township in Miami County, again in close proximity to Thomas Penny. In Robert’s household were 3 males under 5, 1 male 5 under 10, 1 male 10 under 15, 1 male 15 under 20, 1 male 30 under 40, 1 female 10 under 15, 1 female 15 under 20 and 1 female 30 under 40. By 1850 Robert, a farmer, Hannah and four sons lived in Wayne Township, Darke County, and next door was a fifth son and his family. The 1860 census placed Robert and Hannah in Marion Township, Mercer County, Ohio with three sons and a girl, age 7, Elizabeth Danley, who was likely a granddaughter. By 1870 Hannah was deceased and Robert lived with son William. Robert and Hannah had five sons and a daughter confirmed by name, and possibly another daughter Malinda Brown who may have married Michael Donally 4 March 1853 in Darke County, Ohio. (She was perhaps the mother of the young girl, Elizabeth Danley [sic] with Robert and Hannah in 1860.) No further information has been located on her. They also may have had a son Isaac Brown who married Lucy Ann Whiteward 15 January 1855 in Darke County. Likewise, no further information has been located on him. The only information directly tying Malinda and Isaac to Robert appeared in the 1901 “A History of Wayne Township, Darke County, Ohio,” by Samuel Long. It said ”…..The next occupant was Robert Brown in the northeast corner of the section. “Old Bob” as he was familiarly known was not only one of the experts in wielding the ax when the heavy growth of timber was cut away from the Bee Line Railway right of way, one hundred feet wide across the section, but something of a pugilist if attacked as well. Of his family were Henry, Isaac, Eli, Alexander, William, John and Malinda. Of these several were soldiers in the war of rebellion. Of this descent there is quite a number.” There were six  confirmed children of Robert and Hannah were: Elizabeth Penny Brown was born 8 April 1822 in Darke County, Ohio and died 3 November 1907 at age 85 in Franklin Township, Darke County. She was buried in Sugar Grove Cemetery, Newton Township, Miami County, Ohio. Elizabeth married Moses Marmaduke COATE 6 June 1839 in Darke County. Moses, the son of Moses and Elizabeth (Coppock) Coate, was born in December 1815 in Miami County and died 25 February 1901 in Franklin Township, Darke County at age 85. He was buried in Sugar Grove Cemetery. Right after marriage Elizabeth and Moses moved to Terra Haute, Vigo County, Indiana, then in 1844 moved back to Darke County, Ohio and settled first in Adams Township and then in 1847 in Franklin Township where they remained. They had 13 known children, all but the first two born in Darke County, Ohio. Ezra Coate was born 30 June 1842 in Terra Haute, Indiana and died of cardiac asthma in Findlay, Hancock County, Ohio 23 January 1924 at age 81. He was buried in Indianapolis. Ezra married first Melissa F. THOMAS 26 April 1866 in Darke County and second Hannah Ellen Hall BROWN, the wife of his cousin Jessie Brown (see Henry H. Brown below) . Esther “Hettie” Coate was born 16 February 1844 and died 4 January 1927 at age 82 in Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon. She married first Marion BOGGS 7 February 1861 in Darke County and second his brother Ezekiel BOGGS 27 December 1869 in Miami County, Ohio. Marion and Ezekiel were the sons of  Aaron and Melvina (Hitt) Boggs. Esther and Ezekiel had children Mary Angeline, born circa 1870, who married Amos Walter PERRY 3 January 1892; Anna May, born in April 1873, who married Samuel Oscar ETTER; James Quinters, born in April 1874, who married Celia G. GRAVES; Aaron, born in July 1876; Elizabeth, born circa 1878; and Harrison J., born in April 1885, all born in Miami County. Edmund Coate was born circa 1846 and died in 1859 in Darke County. Bethena Coate was born in September 1848 and married Noah ARNETT 8 March 1866 in Darke County. He was born circa 1845 in Ohio and died between 1880 and 1900. The couple had children John, Rebecca Jennie, Luella, and Mary A. who was born 12 August 1871 and married Aimzy M. ARNOLD circa 1892. In 1906 Bethena resided in Hot Springs, Garland County, Arkansas, and by 1910 was in Miramonte, Los Angeles County, California with her divorced daughter Jennie Leppin in the household. Nancy Jane Coate was born 2 December 1850 and died 23 September 1889 at age 38 in Paulding County, Ohio. She married Samuel R. HALL 22 October 1869 in Darke County and they had children Sarah A., John, Seward, Elwood and Charles. Samuel Coate was born circa 1853 and married Mary Frances INGLE, the daughter of Alexander and Sarah (Kendig) Ingle, 31 January 1876 in Darke County. They had children Maude E., Albert L., and Bessie. Mary Frances married second Thomas West 23 May 1891 in Hancock County, Ohio,, and third Christian Paul Beck 26 December 1905 in Hancock County. Elwood Coate was born 18 October 1855 and died 17 October 1906 at age 51. He was buried in Sugar Grove Cemetery, Newton Township, Miami County. Elwood never married. Susannah Coate was born 21 March 1857 and died of influenza and myocarditis 11 January 1937 in Wayne Township, Darke County at age 79. She was buried in Harris Creek Cemetery, Newberry Township, Miami County, Ohio.  Susannah married Samuel F. BRANDT 9 April 1881 in Darke County and had children Chester Arthur, Lova Frances, Lola Grace, Alonzo Earl, and Bessie Ethel. Samuel Brandt was born 1 February 1856, the son of Martin and Elmira (Fankler) Brandt, and died 9 February 1942 at age 86 in Troy, Miami County, Ohio. He was buried in Harris Creek Cemetery. Jesse Coate was born circa 1858 and died before 1870. Emma Elizabeth Coate was born 14 June 1862 and died 13 March 1954 at age 91 in Yakima, Yakima County, Washington. She married William Henry Harrison SHEARER 14 January 1883 in Darke County. William was born 12 November 1859 in Miami County, Ohio, the son of Titus and Joanna (Yount) Shearer, and died 19 November 1896 at age 37 in Skamania County, Washington. The couple had children Walter Leslie, Lillie B., Harry B., Raphael F., and Lewis Earle. Emma married second circa 1898 in Yakima County, Washington Oris S. PRATT, the son of George L. and Elizabeth Pratt, who was born in October 1857 in Des Moines County, Iowa Martha O. Coate was born 14 October 1866 and died of chronic myocarditis 6 January 1951 at age 84 in Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio. She was buried in Sugar Grove Cemetery, Newton Township, Miami County, Ohio. Martha married first Nathaniel Daniel BENSON, the son of Daniel and Susan (Strome) Benson, circa 1886. He was born  23 November 1864 and died of a suicidal drowning 22 March 1916 at age 51, and was buried in Forest Hill Cemetery, Piqua, Miami County. The couple had children Myrtle I., Minnie M., Harvey Roscoe, Iva E., Russell, Roy, Lola, and Opal Lucille.  Martha married second Riley E. WILLS, the son of James L. and Sarah (Heffner) Wills, who was born 26 May 1866 in Darke County and died of arteriosclerosis 11 February 1939 in Montezuma, Mercer County, Ohio at age 72. Job Coate and Calvin Coate died in infancy. Henry H. Brown was born 4 July 1825 in Miami County, Ohio and died 2 January 1918 at Grover Hill, Paulding County, Ohio at age 92. He was buried in Little Auglaize Cemetery, Washington Township, Paulding County. Henry married four times. His first wife, Mary Elizabeth LEEPER, the daughter of William Leeper, was born 21 November 1824 in Ohio and died 29 February 1868 in Washington Township, Paulding County at age 43. Henry and Mary Elizabeth married 21 December 1845 in Darke County, Ohio. They had eight children. Jesse Brown was born 18 February 1844 in Wayne Township, Darke County and died of septicemia 31 July 1909 in Washington Township, Paulding County at age 62. He married Hannah Ellen HALL, the daughter of Henry Charles and Elizabeth (Staley) Hall, 26 March 1867 in Royal Oak, Paulding County. Hannah was born 12 January 1854 and died 20 January 1931 at age 77 in Findlay, Hancock County, Ohio. After Jesse died she married Ezra Coate, his cousin. Jesse and Hannah had children Laura A., born in July 1868 who married George W. BURGARD; Mary E., born in November 1872; Ulysses Grant, born in 1876 and died 14 May 1899 at age 23 in Paulding County and was buried in Auglaize Chapel Church of God Cemetery in that county; Jesse J., born 1 September 1877 and died 28 April 1943 at age 65 in Findlay, who married Elfreda BEAHM; Henry Robert, born 23 February 1882 and died 20 January 1955 at age 72 in Findlay, who married Mary Teresa WANNEMACHER 17 November 1905 in Paulding County, Ohio; David, born 24 February 1883 and died in a motocycle/car collision at age 33, who married Rosa STONEBURNER 24 February 1908; Archibald, born 7 February 1887; Arthur E., born 29 July 1890 and died 18 September 1918 at age 28 in France in World War I, who married Josephine WANNEMACHER 11 January 1918; and Franklin C., born 21 August 1894 and died in 1963 in Illinos at age 69 who married Elva Ellen VICKERY circa 1917 in Illinois. Mary J. Brown was born circa 1848 in Darke County. William Henry Brown was born 1 February 1851 in Darke County and died of cancer 23 October 1917 in Trumbull County, Ohio at age 66. He was buried in Brownwood Cemetery, North Bloomfield, Trumbull County. William married Margaret Louise OBRY, the daughter of Etienne and Anne Marie Francoise (Grillot) Aubry/Obry, 19 February 1878 in Darke County. She was born 6 June 1858 and died of cardio-vascular disease 31 December 1932 at age 74 in Trumbull County, and was buried in Brownwood Cemetery. The couple had children Mary Ann, born 2 February 1879 and died 6 December 1881 in Paulding County, Ohio at age 2; Lawrence, born 6 May 1881 and died in June 1970 in Trumbull County at age 89 who married Elena JOHNSON; Frances E., born 20 April 1885, who married Philip SLUSHER 22 February 1902 in Paulding County, Ohio; Rose, born 17 February 1888 and died 20 February 1968 in Trumbull County at age 80, who married GillIs SLUSHER 14 July 1904; Ella Viola, born 14 August 1891 and died 20 December 1963 in Lenawee County, Michigan, who married Charles Callaway SLUSHER 13 August 1914; Emma, born 17 February 1895; and Mary, born circa 1899 who married John A. RITTER circa 1917 in Trumbull County. Robert B. Brown was born in 1854 in Darke County and married Mary F. OBRY, the daughter of Etienne and Anne Marie Francoise (Grillot) Aubry/Obry, 17 October 1878. They had children anna, mary Elizabeth and Robert. Lucy A. Brown was born circa 1856 in Darke County. Archibald  B. Brown was born 29 January 1859 in Darke County and died 3 December 1947 in Liberty Township, Hancock County, Ohio at age 88. He was buried in Maple Grove Cemetery, Findlay, Hancock County. Archie married Etta BURRIS circa 1890 and their children, all born in Paulding County, Ohio, were Zula May, born 23 November 1891 and died of cervical and uterine cancer 8 May 1934 in Hancock County at age 42, who married first Orvil E. MOHR, by whom she had four children, and second Michael REISS; Maud A. born in March 1895; and Dewey McKinley, born 16 August 1899 who married Beulah I. GILLETTE 30 June 1917 in Hancock County. Emanuel Brown was born circa 1860 in Darke County and died 31 January 1906 in Rollin, Lenawee County, Michigan. He married Anna Rosella OBRY, the daughter of Etienne and Anne Marie Francoise (Grillot) Aubry/Obry, 25 November 1879. Anna was born 3 March 1855 in Darke County and died 26 December 1928 in Michigan at age 73. Their children were Frances Elizabeth, born 10 June 1880 and died 3 January 1882 at age 1; Emma Rosella, born 24 July 1882 and died 24 June 1970 in Lenawee County, Michigan at age 87, who married John Oscar MUNSELL 21 October 1899 in Paulding County, Ohio; Clara Lavina, born 28 March 1884 and died 15 June 1969 in Michigan at age 85, who married Albertus Allen MCMICHAEL 10 May 1900; John Emanuel, born 23 June 1886 who married Bertha B. CHEESBRO 15 August 1912 in Lenawee County, Michigan; William Henry, born 17 May 1891 and died 2 May 1971 in Michigan at age 79, who married first Marian Kelley SEAGRAVES 17 May 1924 and second Myrtle G. BLYTHE 23 November 1935; Earl Leroy, born 23 March 1894 and died 26 November 1970 in Michigan at age 76, who married first Phoebe M. TIMBERMAN 24 December 1919 in Lenawee County, Michigan and second Isabell B. KILES 11 November 1928 in Williams County, Ohio; and Gertrude, born 24 December 1898 and died in April 1981 in Michigan at age 82, who married Orval ELLENWOOD 1 August 1914 in Lenawee County, Michigan. Henry H. Brown married second Mary Elizabeth STROPE 20 May 1869 in Paulding County. Elizabeth, as she was called, was born circa 1830 in Clinton County, Ohio and died 23 November 1874 in Washington Township, Paulding County. They had a daughter Bertha Brown born circa 1872 in Washington Township, Paulding County. Henry H. Brown married third Sarah Elizabeth FOX 29 December 1875 in Paulding County, Ohio. Sarah was born circa 1855 in Ohio. Henry and Sarah had a daughter Ellen Minnie Brown born 28 October 1876 in Washington Township, Paulding County. Minnie married 4 November 1895 in Allen County, Ohio K. M. LEPPIG of Germany and they had a son Elmer born in April 1896. Henry H. Brown married fourth Amelia F. REDDING or Reed 3 May 1887 in Paulding County. Amelia was born 20 February 1843 and died of apoplexy 12 September 1931 in Grover Hill, Paulding County at age 89. She was buried in Mount Zion Cemetery, Latty Township, Paulding County. Eli Brown was born in November 1833 in Ohio and was buried in Mendenhall Cemetery, Yorkshire, Darke County, Ohio. He married Elizabeth BROWN 26 January 1859 in Darke County, Ohio. She was born in April 1883 in Ohio. As of 1900 the couple had eight children, three still living. Their known children were Eliza, born circa 1859; Mary, born in 1860; Calvin, born 17 February 1868 and died of myocarditis 14 April 1943 in Darke County at age 75, who married Viola Stafford KELLISON; and Christena Anna, born 20 January 1872 and died of pulmonary tuberculosis in Piqua, Miami County, Ohio 29 January 1918 at age 46, who married Henry H. BRANDON 28 March 1892 in Darke County. William Brown was born 4 July 1838 in Ohio and died 18 November 1926 in Darke County, Ohio at age 88. He was buried in Greenlawn Cemetery, Versailles, Darke County, Ohio. William married Sarah HOLE 15 June 1865 in Darke County. Sarah, the daughter of James and Mary Ann Hole, was born in February 1838. She was married first to Levi Mendenhall 25 August 1859 and the couple had two sons, Thomas and James L. As of 1900 Sarah had had 12 children, eight still living. Known children of William and Sarah were Asher Edwin, born 12 April 1866 and died of cardio-vascular and renal disease 28 January 1952 at age 85, who married Mary HANMAN 8 September 1892 in Darke County, Ohio; Mary E., born circa 1867; Henry F., born circa 1869; Milton John, born 1 January 1872 and died of cardio-vascular disease 19 January 1947 at age 75, who married Bertha D. WISE 27 January 1900 in Darke County; Charles Otmer, born 3 January 1874 and died 23 November 1948 at age 74 in Miami County, Ohio, who married Martha DEETER 31 December 1898 in Darke County; William Orlando, born 8 November 1875 and died 28 August 1946 at age 70 in Bryan, Williams County, Ohio, who married Alcora 'Cora' Agnes WARD 5 February 1898 in Darke County; Joseph, born in October 1879; and Bertha, born in February 1880. Alexander Brown was born 18 November 1840 in Darke County, Ohio and died 8 April 1893 in that county at age 53. He was buried in Shook Cemetery in Darke County. Alexander married first 5 December 1860 Jemima BIRT and they had a son John Andrew born 22 December 1861 in Darke County and died 2 January 1931 in Ohio at age 69. Alexander married second 16 August 1866 Rachel RINE who was born circa 1853 in Ohio, the daughter of John and Christina Rine of Wurttemberg, Germany. Alexander married last 1 October 1870 Sarah Emma BLAKELY who was born circa 1850 in Ohio. All three marriages were in Darke County. Alexander was not found in the 1870 census, but in 1880 he and wife Emma were in Wabash Township in Darke County with his son John A., and their children Ulysses, born circa 1871; Orlando, born in 1872 and died in 1958 at age 86, who married Sarah BROWN 25 December 1902 in Darke County; Alice J., born in 1874 and died in 1964 at age 90, who married David CALDERWOOD 20 March 1896 in Darke County; Dora A., born in December 1875 and died in 1955 at age 80, who married Johnson K. ALBRIGHT 15 February 1897 in Darke County; and Daisy E., born 1 April 1880 and died 25 December 1904 at age 24, who married George Edward DEWEESE 26 February 1898 in Darke County. John Brown was born circa 1841 in Darke County, Ohio.



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