Descendants of Robert Vance


Generation One


     1.  Robert1 VANCE was born before 1765, location unknown. There is a very strong probability that his name was actually William Robert, but the only absolute proof of his existence is the 1810 federal census for Peters Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania, which lists Robert Vance as head of household with 2 males aged 10 under 16 (James, Isaac); 3 males aged 16 under 26 (John William, Robert and unknown); 1 male aged 45 and up (Robert himself); 1 female aged 10 under 16 (Martha); 1 female aged 16 under 26 (unknown); and 1 female aged 45 and up (Elizabeth, Robertís wife). The unknown male and female aged 16 under 26 might not be children of Robertís, but some other relatives or individuals living with the family. There were many Vances in other townships in Washington County, Pennsylvania in 1810 and that the Peters Township Vance is the Vance in question is evidenced by the fact that also living in Peters Township in that census year was Andrew Crites, father of Mary Elizabeth Crites who married Robertís son John William circa 1813. Evidence that William may have been the 1810 Robertís first name is offered by land records. William Vance of Washington County, Pennsylvania purchased the northeast quarter of Section 18, Township 4, Range 1 in Washington Township, Guernsey County, Ohio on 3 June 1815. On 6 August 1816 this land in Washington Township, Guernsey County, Ohio was officially granted to William Vance, now deceased, and through another deed this land was granted to his heirs. On 6 April 1820 Robert Vance [son] purchased this same land from John and Mary Vance and James Vance of Guernsey County, Ohio, and Elizabeth Vance, Edward and Martha [Vance] Dougherty and Isaac Vance of Washington County, Pennsylvania.  Robert/William Robert [elder] obviously purchased other land in Washington Township, Guernsey County, Ohio, for his wife Elizabeth sold to her son John acreage in the southeast quarter of Section 18, Township 4, Range 1 on 14 October 1816. She received these patents from the U.S. land office in October 1815 (likely Robert was deceased by that date). Much more research into land records and their implications is needed in order to definitively prove any suppositions regarding the progenitor of this family.

     Robert, or William Robert, married Elizabeth [--?--] circa 1786. Their known children were as follows:

+              2           i.     John William2 VANCE, born in August 1790 in Delaware; married Mary Elizabeth CRITES.

+              3          ii.     Robert VANCE, born 1791 in Maryland; married Catherine DAILEY.

+              4        iii.     Martha VANCE, born circa 1797 in Pennsylvania; married Edward DOUGHERTY.

+              5         iv.     James VANCE, born circa 1798 in Pennsylvania; married first Mary WILKINS; married second Elizabeth RAINEY.

+              6          v.     Isaac VANCE, born 1 March 1800 in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania; married Nancy [--?--].

+              7         vi.     Elizabeth VANCE, born circa 1807 in Pennsylvania; married Joseph WILKINS.


Generation Two


     2.  John William2 VANCE (Robert1) was born August 1790 in Delaware. The 1850 and 1860 censuses gave Delaware as his birthplace, however there is some possibility his birth state may have been Maryland instead since that birthplace was given in at least one source each for his younger brothers Robert and Isaac.  Around 1813 John William married Mary Elizabeth CRITES in Washington County, Pennsylvania.  John, a farmer, died at age 79 on 3 February 1870 in Jefferson Township, Guernsey County, Ohio, at the home of his daughter Elizabeth Vance Kimble, and was buried on the farm of his brother Robert in Washington Township, Guernsey County, Ohio.

     John may have come to Guernsey County around 1814 from Washington County, Pennsylvania. Land records show that on 30 October 1814 John Vance of Washington County, Pennsylvania purchased Section 17, Township 5, Range 1 in Washington Township, Guernsey County, Ohio. As mentioned above, on 14 October 1816 John Vance of Washington County, Pennsylvania purchased the southeast quarter of Section 17, Township 4, Range 1 in Washington Township, Guernsey County, Ohio from Elizabeth Vance of Washington County, Pennsylvania. By 1840 John owned 320 acres of land in Section 17 in Washington Township and he appeared on the censuses of 1850 and 1860 in that township.  John left a will written 20 June 1862 and probated 22 March 1870. In it he left to his wife one-third of all the grain raised on the farm and one-third of all the profits arising from the sale of real estate, and all household and kitchen furniture as well as one horse, one cow and all the sheep.  She also had use of the property until she died or remarried.  After her death he wished that the real and personal property be sold and the proceeds divided equally among Andrew Vance, Elisabeth Kimble, Emy [sic] Owens, John Vance, Joseph Vance, and Mary Agness Lewis.  He asked that the children of his deceased son Robert be given $50 each.  Daniel Owens was named executor and Jesse E. Read and James Wallace were witnesses.

     Mary, Johnís wife, was born in 1792 in Peters Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania.  She was the daughter of Andrew and Catherine (Enfreit/Enfrect/Ehrenfried) Crites/Creutz/Krites.  Her great-grandfather and grandfather came to the U.S. from Germany in 1752.  Maryís sister Dorothy married Michael Hayes and their daughter Rebecca Hayes married George Morrow, the son of Elisha Morrow, in 1859.  My great-great grandfather James Henry Vance was living with the Elisha Morrow family in the 1850 census in Birmingham, Guernsey County, and may have learned the shoemaking trade from him.  Mary died between 1863 and 1867 in Guernsey County.

     Known children of John William2 VANCE and Mary Elizabeth CRITES were as follows:

+              8           i.     Robert J.3 VANCE, born in 1815 in Pennsylvania; married Catharine DWIGGINS.

                 9          ii.     Andrew Vance was born circa 1817 in Ohio and married Margaret [--?--] circa 1844 in Guernsey County, Ohio. Her surname may have been Malean, per son Newton's death certificate, or Mahan/Mahn, per daughter Harriet's death certificate. She was born circa 1820 in Ireland. In the 1860 federal census Andrew and Margaret resided in Bristol Township, Trumbull County, Ohio with their three children. Thomas Newton Vance, called Newton, was born 7 January 1845 and died of uremic poisoning 26 December 1924 in Trumbull County. He was buried 28 December 1924 in Evergreen Cemetery, Bristolville, Trumbull County. Newton married  18 May 1873 in Trumbull County Ella F. KIBBEE, the daughter of Edward Hopkin and Harriet N. (Ballard) Kibbee, who was born 16 November 1850 in Bristolville and died there of interstitial nephritis 3 June 1924 at age 73. She was buried 5 June 1924 in Evergreen Cemetery. Newton and Ella had a son Verne Joseph, born 12 February 1876 and died of kidney cancer 11 August 1921 at age 45 in Warren, Trumbull County, who married Mae Annetta RHEA 2 March 1896; and a daughter Edith H., born 26 August 1877 and died 10 December 1907 at age 30 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, who married Harry James THOMPSON 25 June 1907 in Trumbull County. William Bennett Vance was born circa 1851 and married Abby [--?--] who was born circa 1848 in Pennsylvania. In the 1880 federal census they were in Foster Township, McLean County, Pennsylvania. Harriet A. 'Hattie' Vance was born in March 1858 and died of encephaloid cancer 3 March 1923 in Woodville, Sandusky County, Ohio at age 66. On 1 May 1879 in Trumbull County she married Frank Fisherman PERRINGER who was born 29 December 1853 in Ohio and died of myocarditis in Woodville 28 July 1945. Both Harriet and Frank were buried in Woodville Cemetery. They had a daughter Ruth H., born in May 1892 in Pennsylvania, who married Harry A. KARCHNER 2 July 1921 in Sandusky County. Andrew's wife Margaret died 22 February 1866 in Trumbull County and was buried in Evergreen Cemetery. Andrew married second 27 August 1872 in Trumbull County Mary BROCKETT who was born 13 August 1832 in Trumbull County, the daughter of Alanson and Almira (Griffith) Brockett. Andrew died 24 February 1884 and Mary died in 1904 at age 72. Both were buried in Evergreen Cemetery.

+            10        iii.     Elizabeth Ann VANCE, born 14 April 1822 in Guernsey County, Ohio; married Davis KIMBLE.

+            11         iv.     John R. VANCE, born in 1823 in Guernsey County, Ohio; married Jane BRUMLEY; married Helen Susan EVERETT.

+            12          v.     Amy VANCE, born 16 April 1825 in Guernsey County, Ohio; married Daniel OWENS.

+            13         vi.     Joseph D. VANCE, born 25 December 1832 in Washington Township, Guernsey County, Ohio; married Mary Elizabeth PEREGOY.

+            14       vii.     Mary Agness VANCE, born 8 March 1838 in Guernsey County, Ohio; married Edward M. LEWIS.

               15       viii.     James A. VANCE was born in 1844 in Guernsey County, Ohio, and died in 1867 in that county at age 23.  He was buried in Center Baptist Cemetery, Cambridge Township, Guernsey County. James, who appeared on the census of 1860 in Washington Township, Guernsey County, was not mentioned in his father's will written in 1862.


     3.  Robert2 VANCE (Robert1) was born between 1792 and 1795 in Pennsylvania, based on differing ages given in census records of 1850, 1860 and 1870. However, a brief biography in ďThe Household Guide and Instructor with Biographies of the Presidents of the United States and a Brief Outline of the History of Guernsey County, Ohio,Ē published in 1882, says that he was born in Maryland in 1791 and spent part of his youth in Washington County, Pennsylvania before coming to Washington Township, Guernsey County, Ohio in 1825. He was on the tax list for that year, but it is likely he came to the county earlier. On 6 April 1820, ďRobert Vance of Guernsey County purchased the northeast quarter of Section 18, Township 4, Range 1, from John Vance and Mary his wife, and James Vance of the County of Guernsey and State of Ohio, and Elizabeth Vance, Edward Dougherty and Martha his wife, and Isaac Vance of Washington County and State of Pennsylvania.Ē The parties concerned were his siblings. By 1840 Robert owned 151 acres in Section 18.

     Robert died 6 April 1877 in Washington Township, Guernsey County and was buried on his farm in Washington Township. He left a will written 9 June 1875 and filed 24 April 1877 in which were cited Catherine, his wife, and children Elizabeth King, Mary Mahan, Martha Gilpin, Robert, Daily, Lydia Carson, Adaline Bear, Elenor Law and Lucretia Benson. The will did not mention daughters Catherine and Margaret or son John.

    Robert married Catherine DAILEY 12 September 1816. She was born in 1798 in Pennsylvania, the daughter of Nathan Dailey.  Catherine died 5 December 1877 at age 79.

     Known children of Robert2 VANCE and Catherine DAILEY, all born in Washington Township, Guernsey County, Ohio, were as follows:

               16           i.     Elizabeth3 VANCE (out of birth order) was born circa 1838. She went by the name of Betsey.

               17          ii.     Mary Ann VANCE was born 18 January 1820 and married James MAHAN 21 March 1839 in that Guernsey County, Ohio.  She went by the name of Polly. Jamesí date of birth, as provided thru census records, ranges from 1804 per the 1870 census, to 1810 per the 1860 census, and 1818 per the 1850 census. It is known for a fact that he was born in Ireland and died 19 August 1874 in Bristol Township, Trumbull County, Ohio. The family had moved to that county from Guernsey County some time after 1851, probably at the same time that Mary Annís cousin Andrew Vance, son of John William Vance, moved there (see #9 above). Mary Ann and James had eight known children: Mary, Edward T., Adonijah E., Dailey Vance, James L., Milton R., Fanny J., and Alice L. Mary Mahan was born circa 1842. Edward T. Mahan was born in August 1845 and married Grace L. GARDNER 2 July 1880 in Trumbull County. Grace was born in June 1857 in Ohio, the daughter of Philas W. and Cornelia (Hillman) Gardner. The couple had a son Arthur J., born 2 March 1887 and died in January 1967 in Trumbull County at age 79; and a daughter Marguerite M., born in December 1891 who married Myron E. KLINGEMAN 5 October 1912 in Trumbull County. Edward died of chronic interstitial nephritis in Warren, Trumbull County, at age 75, and his wife died after 1930. Edward was buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Bristolville, Trumbull County.  Adonijah E. Mahan was born 26 August 1847 and died of chronic interstitial nephritis 1 October 1928 in Trumbull County at age 81. On 13 January 1875 in Trumbull County he married Mary A. FINK who was born in February 1851 in Ohio and died 30 October 1917 at age 66 in Trumbull County. Both were buried in Oakwood Cemetery in Warren. Adonijah and Mary had two daughters, Edna B., born in February 1877, and Essa F., born in August 1884, who married Archie Dean LOOP. Dailey Mahan was born 26 November 1849 and died of broncho pneumonia 8 December 1932 in Trumbull County at age 83. On 22 December 1885 in Trumbull County he married Phoebe Artelissia RAMSEY, the daughter of William and Lydia (Wood) Ramsey, who was born 5 March 1853 in Farmington Township, Trumbull County. She married first Jefferson Miller. Artelissia died of myocarditis 13 April 1928 at age 75 and she and Dailey were buried in Evergreen Cemetery. James L. Mahan was born 18 June 1851 and died of a coronary thrombosis 23 July 1942 in Bristol Township, Trumbull County at age 91. A dentist, he married first 15 September 1878 Jessie Flora COLLAR, the daughter of Russell F. and Harriet (Mill) Collar, who was born in June 1855 in Trumbull County and died 1 July 1911 at age 56. James married second 29 October 1919 in Harrison County, Ohio Mary Birdie HARDING, the daughter of Basil L. and Sarah C. (Decker) Harding, who was born in September 1878 in Ohio. Milton R. Mahan was born 22 November 1854 and married Phoebe M. SHAFFER 14 September 1881 in Trumbull County. Phoebe was born 15 April 1863 in Trumbull County, the daughter of Peter and Catherine (Wirt) Shaffer. She died of a cerebral hemorrhage 4 February 1924 in Bristol, Trumbull County at age 60. They had children Nora M., born 7 January 1882 and died 4 February 1946 in Youngstown, Mahoning County, Ohio at age 64, who married Harry Kendig JOHNSTON 6 June 1911 in Trumbull County; William Emery, born 6 April 1889 and died of apoplexy 2 September 1929 in Warren at age 40, who married Bessie HALL; and Harold Ross, born 23 July 1896, who married Doris D. SOMERS 28 December 1917 in Hancock County, Ohio. Fanny J. Mahan was born 13 August 1858 and died of cirrhosis of the liver 31 January 1918 at age 59 in Freeport Township, Harrison County, Ohio. She was buried 2 February 1918 in Pleasant Hill Cemetery there. On 10 August 1884 in Trumbull County Fanny married Elijah D. BEAN, the son of Harry and Elizabeth Bean, who was born 10 July 1858 in Ohio and died of aortic regurgitation 13 August 1925 at age 67 in Madison Township, Guernsey County, Ohio. He was buried 15 August 1925 in Pleasant Hill Cemetery. Fanny and Elijah had a son Carl Austin, born 24 August 1894 and died in November 1975 in Guernsey County at age 81. Alice Lenore Mahan was born 5 May 1861 and died of stomach cancer 27 July 1952 at age 91 in Cleveland Heights, Cuyahoga Couny, Ohio. On 5 April 1882 in Trumbull County she married Thomas N. SHIVELY, the son of John and Jane (Hodge) Shively, who was born 17 November 1861 in Champion, Trumbull County and died there of a cerebral hemorrhage 4 July 1936 at age 74. The couple had children Edward Thomas, born 8 December 1882 and died 24 January 1960 in Trumbull County at age 77, who married Lulu May GILLESPIE; Harry John, born 16 August 1884 and died in January 1966 at age 81, who married 25 December 1906 Elma B. HICKOX; Bert Wolcott, born 25 July 1886 and died in May 1974 in Trumbull County at age 87, who married Maud I. PARKS 9 May 1906; John Wolfkale, born 22 June 1892 and died in July 1968 in Trumbull County at age 76, who married Rhoda Adell EVERITT 31 January 1914; and Eva M., born 24 June 1904 and died in August 1972 at age 68 in Trumbull County, who married Winfred KELLY.

               18        iii.     Martha VANCE was born 1 June 1822 in Guernsey County, Ohio and died 14 September 1875 in Adams County, Indiana at age 53. She married first 13 August 1846 in Guernsey County Charles REDING, a physician, born circa 1811 in Pennsylvania. Charles died in 1853 in Guernsey County, and was buried in Winterset Cemetery, Guernsey County. The couple had a son William E. Reding, born 26 October 1850 in Guernsey County, who married Mary Ella DAVIS 21 July 1870 in Adams County, Indiana. She was born 4 March 1849 in Ohio and died 18 November 1914 in Decatur, Adams County at age 65. William died 24 January 1906 in Decatur at age 55. Both William and Mary Ella were buried in Tricker Cemetery in Decatur.  Their children, all born in Blue Creek Township, Adams County, were Frances Alma, born in 1871and died 23 August 1938 in Rancolph County, Indiana at age 67, who married Jacob S. GILPIN 22 November 1891; Dora A. B., born 21 March 1875 and died 15 August 1875; Ola B., born 27 March 1880 and died 4 October 1884 at age 4; and Orpha M., born 29 january 1885 and died in June 1979 in Oakland County, Michigan at age 94, who married Arthur M. BARTLING 23 April 1904. Martha married second Jonathan GILPIN 20 December 1855 in Guernsey County. Jonathan, who was born 9 October 1814 in Virginia, the son of Samuel G. and Sarah Elizabeth (Carpenter) Gilpin, was married previously to Nancy Ripley 22 November 1836 in Tuscarawas County, Ohio and they had 10 children. Soon after marriage Martha and Jonathan moved to Blue Creek Township, Adams County, Indiana where their first child Nancy Margaret was born 6 December 1856. It is there they also had daughter Mary Elizabeth, born 14 March 1859, and son Robert Elwood, born 26 June 1862. Robert, a Methodist minister, married Nevada 'Vada' Frances SIMS 10 April 1884 in Van Wert County, Ohio where Vada was born 7 December 1866, the daughter of Samuel Harrison and Catherine Lovina (Ferguson) Sims. He died of lethargic encephalitis 4 June 1925 in Ansonia, Darke County, Ohio at age 62, and Vada died of a ruptured appendix at age 70 on 8 July 1937 in Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio. Robert and Vada had a daughter Grace who married Roeloff H. WILSON circa 1914. After Marthaís death Jonathan married next Mary M. Jones 7 September 1876 in Adams County. He died 16 February 1879 in Adams County at the age of 64.

+            19         iv.     Robert VANCE Jr, born 12 July 1824; married Eliza Jane CAMPBELL.

+            20          v.     Dailey VANCE, born 22 September 1826; married Jane WATT.

+            21         vi.     Catherine VANCE, born 24 March 1829; married Charles E. WATT.

+            22       vii.     Lydia Ann VANCE, born 5 September 1831; married Thomas CARSON.

               23       viii.     Margaret VANCE was born 18 November 1833. She was not mentioned in her fatherís 1875 will and so may have died by that date.

               24          ix.     Eleanor Dailey VANCE was born 18 April 1836 and died 12 March 1890 in Geary, Blaine County, Oklahoma at age 53. On 30 June 1853 in Guernsey County, Ohio she married Francis LAW, the son of Henry and Content (Hadsell) Law, who was born 12 February 1825 in Guernsey County and died 26 April 1920 at age 95 in Canadian Township, Blaine County. Both Eleanor and Francis were buried in Geary Cemetery. Soon after marrying, Eleanor and Francis moved to Illinois, settling first in Clay County. By 1870 they resided in Washington County in that state. They had nine known children, all born in Illinois. Catherine M. Law was born 7 August 1854 and was married four times. Circa 1870 she married first Josephus ALLEN who was born circa 1852 in Illinois. They had children Nettie, born circa 1871; Alva, born circa 1873; Francis, born circa 1875; Charles, born circa 1878; and Roy, born in February 1880. Josephus died between 1880 and 1883 and Catherine married second James MCCANN who was born in 1836 in Ireland and died in 1887 in Illinois at age 41. Their children, all born in Illinois, were James Cleveland, born 5 March 1884; Lenna Pearl, born in December 1886, who married William A. PHILLIPS and resided in Kansas; and Henry, born 5 December 1887. Catherine's third husband was [--?--] KING and by him she had sons Teddy L., born 17 October 1894 and married Mary M. BAUMGARDNER 17 November 1915 in Ellis County, Oklahoma; and Gail Foster, born 12 August 1896 and died 2 February 1990 in Scottsdale, Maricopa County, Arizona at age 93, who married Goldie Helen CADWALLADER 20 June 1920. Circa 1906 Catherine married last Thomas G. GRIGGS, born circa 1847 in Indiana, and they resided in Gage, Ellis County, Oklahoma.  Calvin Mathew Law was born circa 1857 and died 4 October 1898 in Illinois. He married 21 September 1882 in Illinois Mary Jane LIPE who was born in March 1855 in Illinois. They had children Francis Harvey, born 13 May 1884 in Illinois and died 1 May 1968 in Colorado Springs, El Paso County, Colorado at age 83, who married circa 1908 Zada Belle ALEXANDER in Oklahoma; and Jessie May, born 23 January 1888 in Illinois and died 23 February 1955 in Salem, Roanoke County, Virginia at age 67, who married Garwood Board HURT.  Elmer Francis Law was born in February 1860 and died at age 59 in 1919 in Geary, Blaine County, Oklahoma. Circa 1883 he married Margaret A. CARRICK who was born in December 1860 in Illinois and died in 1919 in Geary at age 59. Addie Jane Law was born 4 July 1862 In Clay County, Illinois and on 24 March 1881 married Richard Harrison STEPHENS who was born 25 July 1857 in Washington County, Illinois. She died 23 August 1934 in Geary, Blaine County, Oklahoma at age 72. Addie and Richard had children Ellie G., born in February 1885; Jonathan Ralph, born 22 June 1889; twin Edna Rhea, born 11 January 1899; and twin Ethel Mae, born 11 January 1899, who married Earl Albert AMSTUTZ 5 May 1918 and died 5 October 1985 in Oklahoma at age 85. Content Law was born 12 September 1866 and died 4 June 1952 in Washington County, Illinois at age 85. She married 20 September 1883 in that county Calvin Lowery COULTER, the son of James and Anna Catherine (Houser) Coulter, who was born 28 January 1862 in Illinois and died in Washington County 14 August 1904 at age 42. They had children Minnie Belle, born 2 July 1864 and died 26 January 1929 at age 44, who married Harold 'Harry' L. PITCHFORD  8 February 1903; Francis James, born 18 November 1885 and died 30 May 1986 at age 100, who married Mabel CLARK 4 October 1910; Charles Leonard, born 4 January 1888 and died at age 75 on 29 August 1963, who married Elizabeth WHEELESS 5 December 1912; William Clarence, born 20 July 1890 and died 27 April 1921 at age 30, who married Nina Rhea STEPHENS; John Hazzard, born 21 July 1892 and died 19 January 1897 at age 4; and Harold Darnell, born 20 May 1894 and died 18 January 1895. Henry John Law was born 4 January 1871 and died in 1935 at age 64 in Geary, Blaine County, Oklahoma. Circa 1905 he married Fannie J. BARCLAY who was born circa 1872 in Kentucky. The couple had no children. Twins Annie and  Emma LAW were born 6 October 1873. Emma married James Andrew COULTER in 1890 and died 13 September 1903 in Illinois at age 20.  James was born 16 July 1868 in Illinois, the son of William and Margaret Jane (Foster) Coulter. The couple had four sons: Claude Law, born in August 1894 and died in 1961 at age 67, who married in Oklahoma circa 1929 Inga PEDERSON; Lewis E., born 23 June 1896 and died 18 June 1917 at age 20; Elmer, born 8 April 1898 and died 25 June 1906 at age 8; and Ivan J., born 14 October 1899 and died 9 August 1902 at age 2. Emma died 13 September 1903 at age 29 and James died 14 February 1902 at age 33. Eldorus Dailey Law, Sr. was born 16 July 1878 and married 10 September 1899 Clara May MCGUIRE who was born in January 1881 in Missouri, the daughter of John Hugh and Mary Susan (Orr) McGuire. Eldorus and Clara had twin Bernard, born 28 July 1901 and died 30 July 1901; twin Juanita Bernice, born 28 July 1901 and died 24 April 1979 in Geary, Blaine County, Oklahoma at age 77, who married Jesse James SCOTT 27 October 1923; Alma Viola, born 3 March 1903 and died 8 November 1986 at age 83 in Grady County, Oklahoma, who married Edward Dole PETTICREW 19 February 1923; Etha Clara Mae, born 27 April 1904 and died 21 July 1990 at age 86 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, who married Ronald Graden SCOTT 21 March 1925; Eldorus Dailey, Jr., born 3 January 1906 and died 24 April 2001 in Oklahoma at age 95, who married Bertha LANNING 5 October 1929 in Logan County, Oklahoma; Clifford John, born 27 May 1907 and died in February 1976 at age 68 in Tulsa, Tulsa County, Oklahoma, who married Bessie Lee ICE  12 December 1925; Vance Elbert, born 14 June 1912 and died 7 November 1982 at age 70 in Tulsa, who married Wanda Mae POTTER; Myda Anna born 12 February 1914 and died 7 September 1954 at age 40, who married Victor John ZOBISCH; and Verna E., born 20 September 1917 and died 25 September 1998 in Oklahoma at age 81. Eldorus died 9 January 1964 in Blaine County, Oklahoma at age 85 and his wife Clara died at age 89 on 20 December 1970 in Seminole County, Oklahoma. Both were buried in Geary Cemetery, Blaine County.

               25           x.     John VANCE was born circa 1840 per the 1850 census. He was not mentioned in his fatherís 1875 will and was perhaps deceased.

+            26          xi.     Sarah Adeline VANCE, born 4 December 1841; married William M. BEAR.

+            27        xii.     Lucretia VANCE, born 15 August 1844; married David Francis BENSON.

     4.  Martha2 VANCE (Robert1) was born 12 January 1797 in Pennsylvania, and died of typhoid pneumonia 9 January 1880 in Mount Pleasant, Henry County, Iowa at age 83. On 12 February 1818 in Washington County, Pennsylvania she married Edward DOUGHERTY who was born 28 December 1789 in Derry County, Ireland. He may have been the son of John and Martha (Hayes) Dougherty who in 1792 came to the United States, settling first in Shippensburg, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, and later in Washington County, Pennsylvania.  Martha and Edward moved from Washington County to Guernsey County, Ohio in 1823, and in 1836 Edward became a naturalized citizen. In the 1850 federal census Martha, Edward and five of their 10 children were in one household in Washington Township, Guernsey County. In 1856 they moved to Mount Pleasant, Henry County, Iowa.  Edward died 6 December 1874 in Mount Pleasant at age 84. Both he and Martha were buried in  Forest Home Cemetery in Mount Pleasant.

     Known children of Martha2 VANCE and Edward DOUGHERTY were as follows (out of birth order; spelling of surname varies from person to person, from Dougherty to Daugherty. Dougherty spelling used as default unless some strong indication Daugherty adopted.):

               28           i.     Robert V.3 DAUGHERTY was born 4 February 1819 in Washington County, Pennsylvania and seems to have used the Ďaí spelling. He was the only child of Martha and Edward who did not settle in Iowa at some time, dieing instead in New Birmingham, Guernsey County, Ohio 2 January 1892 at age 72.  Robert, a cabinet maker, married circa 1844 in Guernsey County Rachel ENGLE, who was born in August 1825 in Ohio, and they had nine children, all born in Guernsey County. Asa Nelson Daugherty was born 18 May 1845 and died of paralysis 23 August 1921 in Jackson, Madison County, Tennessee at age 76. On 21 January 1868 he married Mary A. MILNER, the daughter of John and Nancy B. (Hooper) Milner, who was born 28 January 1850 in Guernsey County and died of chronic interstitial nephritis in Jackson at age 73 on 29 May 1923. Asa and Mary were buried in Hollywood Cemetery in Jackson. Their children were Caroline, born in June 1869 and died 8 March 1958 in Guernsey County at age 88, who married Aaron D. HUGHES 13 November 1889 in Guernsey County; Frank H., born circa 1871; and Ralph Perry, called Perry,  born 30 July 1879 who never married and moved to Tennessee with his parents. Edward Milton Daugherty was born in February 1847 and at age 53 was still single and resided with his widowed mother. He was a shoemaker and in the 1910 census was enumerated with his sister Mary and her husband in Imperial County, California. Harvey B. Daugherty was born 11 May 1849 and on 18 August 1875 in Henry County, Iowa married Mary Marguerite MCCLARAN who was born in December 1851 in Beaver County, Pennsylvania,  and they had a daughter Ethel, born circa 1879 and died before 1900. By the 1900 federal census the couple lived in Rock Island, Rock Island County, IllinoisMary Martha Daugherty was born in April 1851 and married 21 March 1872 in Guernsey County John THOMAS, a grist miller, who was born in July 1847 in Ohio. Their children were Myrtle O., born in March 1873 who married circa 1898 Charles R. BROWN and had three sons; Etta Enolia, born 8 January 1875 and died 21 January 1957 at age 82 in Los Angeles County, California; and Olin Keller, born 28 September 1882, who married circa 1908 Cecilia CONSER, the daughter of William D. and Dora Conser, born in January 1877 in Kansas. Hiram A. Daugherty was born 29 January 1855 and died of lobar pneumonia 25 November 1917 in Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio at age 62. He married first 5 November 1875 in Guernsey County Selesta C. MCCULLEY, the daughter of William and Sarah McCulley, who was born circa 1858 in Ohio. Hiram married second Rose BROWN by whom he had a daughter Maude Etta, born 27 December 1887 in Nebraska who married first 14 August 1906 William W. ARMACK and second 23 October 1926 Walter C. MYERS. Hiram married third Sarah May NEWLEN 10 December 1898 in Washington County, Ohio. She was born in Ohio 31 August 1866 and died of myocarditis  at age 72 in Columbus. Both Hiram and Sarah were buried in Greenlawn Cemetery in Franklin County. Martha J. Daugherty was born in April 1856 and at age 54 was still single and resided with her sister Mary and her husband in Imperical County, California. Samuel K. Daugherty was born in 1858 and died 17 January 1887 in Guernsey County at age 29. He married Mary Alice THOMPSON 9 September 1878 and they resided in New Birmingham, Guernsey County where in 1880 Samuel was a hotel keeper. Mary was born in September 1858 in Ohio. The couple had daughters Grace E. born in September 1879, who married John W. JOHNS 12 January 1903 in Tuscarawas County, Ohio; Ethel K., born in October 1881, who married 16 October 1903 in Tuscarawas County Jacob R. LUCAS; and Fannie R., born in February 1884. David Oscar Dougherty was born in October 1860 and married Harriet L. THOMPSON 18 December 1881 in Guernsey County. Harriet, called Hattie, was born in March 1862 in Ohio. The couple had a daughter Maud born 6 February 1884 and died before 1900, and a son Samuel Ray, called Ray, born 12 March 1887 and died 9 August 1863 in Los Angeles County, California at age 76, who married Martha Washington WILCOX circa 1913 in Oklahoma. David died  15 August 1912 in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois at age 51, and was buried in Fairlawn Cemetery, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Ida M. Dougherty was born in March 1864 and married John R. HAYS 31 August 1887 in Guernsey County. John was born in December 1860 in Ohio. The couple had a son Frank H., born 15 October 1888.

               29          ii.     Elizabeth DOUGHERTY was born in Guernsey County, Ohio 15 March 1824 and died 17 September 1864 in Mount Pleasant, Henry County, Iowa at age 40. She was buried in  Forest Home Cemetery, Mount Pleasant. Elizabeth never married.

               30        iii.     Martha DOUGHERTY was born in Guernsey County, Ohio 14 November 1830 in Guernsey County, Ohio and moved to Henry County with her parents. However, she returned to Ohio some time in early 1880 and was enumerated with her brother Robert in New Birmingham, Guernsey County, Ohio in the federal census that year. Martha returned to Henry County and died there 2 February 1890. She was buried in Forest Home Cemetery, Mount Pleasant, Henry County.

               31         iv.     John E. DOUGHERTY was born 28 October 1832 in Guernsey County, Ohio, and died in Fairfield, Jefferson County, Iowa 27 March 1897 at age 64. He was buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Fairfield. Circa 1856 in Henry County, Iowa John married first Amanda M. DAVIS who was born 21 July 1834 in Muskingum County, Ohio, the daughter of William M. and Leah Davis. She died 26 March 1875 at age 41 in Fairfield,, and was buried in Evergreen Cemetery. The couple had children Clarrendon O., born 22 October 1856 and died 14 May 1880 in Fairfield at age 23, who was buried in Evergreen Cemetery; Ida Alzada, born 13 August 1858 and died 15 November 1947 at age 89 in Eskridge, Wabaunsee County, Kansas, who married 15 July 1889 Louis M. LA DUKE; Eva S., born in December 1860 and died in 1942 in Harlan, Shelby County, Iowa at age 82, who married Perley Benton BROWN 10 April 1883 in Jefferson County; and William F., born 8 September 1866 and died 21 July 1942 in Alameda County, California at age 75, who married circa 1890 Rachel PETERS. John married second  circa 1876 in Jefferson County Mary E. PROBASCO who was born in March 1849 in Ohio, and they had daughters Mabel Bessie, born in  November 1877, who married Gustav Emile LINDBERG 14 August 1905 in Fairfield; and  Helen Cynthia, born  in July 1885 and died  3 January 1946 in Seattle, King County, Washington at age 60, who married circa 1915 Alfred Birger SWENSSON.

               32          v.     Isaac N. DOUGHERTY was born 11 May 1835 in Guernsey County, Ohio and served in Company  A, 45th Iowa Infantry in the Civil War, enlisting 25 May 1864 and mustering out in Keokuk, Iowa 16 September 1864..  He cannot be pinpointed in census records after 1850 until 1900 when he was enumerated in Fairfield, Jefferson County, Iowa as head of household with his 23-year-old daughter Maud M. In the 1910 census he was in Burlington, Des Moines County, Iowa, a widower, age 75, living with Maud and her husband Frank A. CRAIL. Frank was born in Iowa in May 1872, the son of Benjamin F. and Helen Crail. He and Maud married circa 1900.

                        vi.         Edward DOUGHERTY was born 9 April 1837 in Guernsey County, Ohio and died 13 April 1904 in Albia, Monroe County, Iowa at age 67. He was buried in Forest Home Cemetery, Mount Pleasant, Henry County Iowa. On 13 December 1866 in Henry County, Iowa Edward married Elizabeth HANCOCK who was born 2 June 1840 in McLean County, Illinois, the daughter of James and Rachel (Stansbury) Hancock,  and died 13 April 1888 in Albia. She was buried in Forest Home Cemetery. The couple had a son William Elmer, born in September 1867 in Henry County, and a daughter Myrtle D., born 12 March 1869 in Henry County who married 17 June 1891 in Monroe County, Iowa William B. GRIFFIN, born 11 January 1861 in Missouri. In the 1900 federal census Myrtle and William were in Albia with son John W., born in April 1894. Also in the household was Myrtleís widowed father Edward. In 1910 they remained in Albia, where William was sheriff, and in the household in addition to John they had children Maisy F., born circa 1901; and William B., Jr., born circa 1903. They also were boarding two prisoners and the jail turnkey. William died 29 November 1940 in Albia at age 79, and Myrtle died there 16 January 1949 at age 79. Both were buried in Oakview Cemetery in Albia.

                       vii.         James DOUGHERTY was born circa 1820 in Washington County, Pennsylvania and married Nancy HUFFMAN 30 March 1843 in Guernsey County, Ohio. She was born circa 1823 in Ohio. The couple had two sons born in Guernsey County: Edward M. born circa 1847, and Eli Frank, born in August 1854, who married 23 December 1873 in Henry County, Iowa Emma J. WILSON, who was born in February 1854 in Indiana. Eli and Emma had children Grace M., born in December 1874, who married John H. POWELLS; Pearl Arthur, born 2 February 1880; Effie, born in August 1882; and Ethel M., born in December 1887, who married Willis H. MILLER. In the 1900 and 1910 federal censuses Eli and family were enumerated in Aurora, Kane County, Illinois, but by 1920 Eli and Emma resided in Los Angeles County, California. James and Nancy also had a daughter Mary E., born in 1860 in Mount Pleasant, Henry County, Iowa. James worked in Iowa as a blacksmith, a dry goods merchant, and manufacturer of washing machines.

                      viii.         William Fletcher DOUGHERTY was born 8 August 1826 in Guernsey County, Ohio and died 18 February 1904 in Mount Pleasant, Henry County, Iowa at age 77. He was buried in Forest Home Cemetery in Mount Pleasant.  On 26 October 1848 in Muskingum County, Ohio Fletcher, as he was known, married Harriet C. JOHNSON who was born 11 February 1825 in Ohio. In the 1850 federal census the couple resided in Cumberland in Guernsey County with their firstborn son, and Fletcher worked as a cabinet maker. Around 1856 Fletcher, Harriet and family moved with his parents and other siblings to Mount Pleasant. There he worked as an undertaker, a furniture manufacturer and eventually a dealer in organs and pianos. Fletcher and Harriet had five known children, all sons. Charles E. Dougherty was born in February 1850 in Guernsey County. On 12 December 1871 in Henry County, Iowa he married Mary Ann Eliza KECK who was born in May 1854 in that state. The couple had sons William J., born in August 1875, who married 2 June 1899 in Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa Florence E. MILLER of New York, and by 1910 resided in Seattle, King County, Washington where he was in insurance; and Bertram Ellsworth, born circa 1877, who married first 24 December 1898 in Bonaparte, Van Buren County, Iowa Edith Lyda JONES and second 23 September 1903 in Adel, Dallas County, Iowa Mary WILSON. James Dougherty was born in July 1852 in Guernsey County, Ohio.  On 4 January 1877 in Henry County, Iowa he married Mary 'Mollie' EMERSON, the daughter of Sylvester and Almira Emerson, who was born in June 1858 in Ohio. The couple had a son Harry Emerson Dougherty, born 19 December 1877 in Henry County. James and Mollie divorced and circa 1893 she married John August Schreiner. Fletcher and Harriet also had sons, Theodore who was born circa 1856; Harlan, who was born 2 January 1861 and died at age 25 on 25 August 1886 in Henry County; and Ellsowrth, born circa 1864.

                        ix.          David D. DOUGHERTY was born in Guernsey County, Ohio 7 October 1828 and went west with the family to Mount Pleasant, Henry County, Iowa where he married Sallie GHOST 8 November 1870.  She was born 5 March 1835 in Pennsylvania, the daughter of Philip and Catherine Phipps (McDowell) Ghost, and died 27 July 1887 at age 52 in Henry County. David, a cabinet maker, died there 17 November 1893 at age 65. Both were buried in Forest Home Cemetery, Mount Pleasant. The couple had a daughter Katie C., born circa 1875 in Henry County.


     5.  James2 VANCE (Robert1) was born circa 1798 in Pennsylvania. He married first Mary WILKINS 6 September 1822 in Guernsey County, Ohio, and second Elizabeth RAINEY 28 February 1837. James died between mid-June and October 1842 in Guernsey County.

      James had settled in Guernsey County, Ohio by 1820 according to a land deed in which he was named, and his name appeared on the federal censuses of 1830 and 1840 in Washington Township, Guernsey County. He left a will written 15 June 1842 in Guernsey County and witnessed by Robert Vance, his brother, and George Frazier. In it he gave his wife Elizabeth all of his property for use until her death at which time the land was to be divided equally among his children Ozias, Ruth Ann, Elizabeth, James, Mary and Margaret. The will was probated in October 1842, and John Dwiggins and Edward Daugherty (his brother-in-law) were named executors of his estate.  On 16 September 1845 the executors petitioned the Court of Common Pleas of Guernsey County to order that real estate of James Vance, deceased, be sold to pay debts he left. The court so ordered and sale of part of the southwest quarter of Section 13, Township 4, Range 1 was advertised and sold at public auction on 27 April 1846 to Henry Frazier for $90. Terms of the sale were one-half cash in hand and the balance in six months from the day of sale, with interest.

     It is not known for certain when Mary, Jamesí first wife, was born, but based on their marriage date she was likely born between 1801 and 1804. Supposedly the Wilkin/Wilkins family was from Washington County, Pennsylvania, then migrated to Harrison County, Ohio, near Cadiz, before moving to Jefferson Township, Guernsey County. Mary was likely the sister of Joseph Wilkins who married Jamesí sister Elizabeth in 1825.

    Elizabeth, James' second wife, was born circa 1808 in Pennsylvania. It is very likely that Rainey was her married name and that she brought children to her marriage with James. In the 1850 federal census she was listed as head of household in a dwelling three doors away from her deceased husband's brother John Vance and his family. With her were Mary and Robert, her children with James, and William Rainey, age 18, who may be a nephew or a son by a previous marriages to a Rainey, if that was not her maiden name. After James' death Elizabeth married Joseph Vermillion either 5 or 6 December of 1851. Joseph was some 34 years Elizabeth's senior and had been married before to a woman named Elizabeth who died in 1846. Joseph died of a liver complaint in May 1860, and the mortality schedule gave his marital status as widowed. He was buried with his first wife in George Cemetery, Washington Township, Guernsey County.

     Known children of James2 VANCE and Mary WILKINS, all born in Washington Township, Guernsey County, Ohio, were as follows:

+            33           i.     Ozias3 VANCE, married first Nancy ENGLE; married second Elizabeth FINDLEY.

+            34          ii.     Ruth Ann VANCE, born circa 1824; married Jesse E. REED.

+            35        iii.     Elizabeth VANCE, born circa 1828; married James VANSICKLE.

+            36         iv.     James Henry VANCE, born 14 May 1831; married Mary Jane SAPP.

     Known children of James2 VANCE and Elizabeth RAINEY, all born in Washington Township, Guernsey County, Ohio, were as follows:

               37           i.     Mary3 VANCE was born circa 1838.

               38          ii.     Margaret VANCE was born circa 1840.

               39        iii.     Robert Vance was born 15 February 1843, some months after the death of his father and died in Adams County, Indiana at age 52 on 3 March 1895. He was buried in Tricker Cemetery, Decatur, Adams County. Robert married first 23 November 1864 in Guernsey County, Ohio Martha W. EDWARDS who was born 31 January 1842 in Guernsey County and died at age 30 on 25 September 1872 in Adams County, Indiana. She was buried in Tricker Cemetery. Robert and Martha had four children. George C. Vance was born circa 1866. Jessie E. Vance was born circa 1868 and died 28 September 1872 in Adams County at age 4. She was buried in Tricker Cemetery. Bertha J. Vance was born 28 November 1869 and died 4 October 1870 in Adams County. She was buried in Tricker Cemetery. Shelby L. Vance was born in August 1871 and died in 1941 in Adams County at age 70. He was buried in Decatur Cemetery in that county. Shelby married 30 December 1897 in Adams County Lulu Susana MANN, the daughter of Joseph E. and Louisa Catherine (Kiess) Mann, who was born 24 September 1875 in Adams County. She died there in 1962 at age 87, and was buried in Decatur Cemetery. Their children were Walter Harold, born 16 November 1899 and died 9 February 1946 in Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana at age 46, who married Dorothy MOORE 24 December 1926; Wildus Louise, born 13 October 1902 and died 17 June 1988 in Fort Wayne at age 85, who married Adrian B. LENHART, the son of John and Myrtle (Steele) Lenhart, 24 April 1925; and Verna Evelyn, born 5 August 1910 and died 3 October 1997 in Fort Wayne at age 87, who married 2 September 1933 Alton L. BLOOM, an attorney and Fort Wayne city court judge.  After Martha died Robert married second Sarah E. PORTER 5 June 1873 in Adams County. He married third Nancy WILLIAMS 22 April 1880 in Adams County. Born 14 December 1846 in Harrison County, Ohio, the daughter of John T. and Belinda (Selby) Williams, she married first Thomas Jefferson Majors 24 November 1868 in Adams County. They had a daughter Flora Majors, born in July 1869 in Indiana, who married Aladan Riley circa 1892. Nancy, a widow, was residing with them in Bluffton, Wells County, Indiana in the 1900 federal census and died in Bluffton 14 February 1907 at age 60. She was buried in Tricker Cemetery.


     6.  Isaac2 VANCE (Robert1), a shoemaker, died of apoplexy 1 July 1871 in Meigs, County, Ohio at age 71 years and 4 months, according to his death record.  This would make his date of birth 1 March 1800. His death record also gave place of birth as Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, however the census of 1870 says Maryland.  He married Nancy [--?--] between 1821 and 1827 in Pennsylvania. She was born circa 1800 in Pennsylvania and died after 1880, likely in Meigs County.

     Isaac Vance of Washington County, Pennsylvania was named as one of a group selling land to Robert Vance of Guernsey County, Ohio on 6 April 1820 Ė the northeast quarter of Section 16, Township 4, Range 1. Others named were John and Mary Vance, James Vance, Elizabeth Vance and Edward and Martha Dougherty, all of Guernsey County.  A later land record dated 2 July 1827 shows Isaac and Nancy Vance of Washington County, Pennsylvania selling a half quarter section of land on the northwest corner of Section 21, Township 4, Range 1, Washington Township, Guernsey County, to Hugh Burrows.  By 1850, Isaac and Nancy were enumerated in the federal census in Salisbury Township, Meigs County, Ohio.

     Known children of Isaac2 VANCE and Nancy [--?--] (there may have been more older children) were as follows:

               40           i.     Joseph3 VANCE was born circa 1833 in Pennsylvania. On 20 June 1867 in Meigs County, Ohio he married Caroline J. GARNER, the daughter of Silas and Damsel (Price) Garner of Virginia, who was born circa 1847 in Meigs County. Their children, all born in Salisbury Township, Meigs County, Ohio, were Henry B., called Harry, born circa 1868; Joie Estelle, born 25 December 1869; and John L., born 7 February 1876 and died of mitral heart disease 8 March 1914 in Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio at age 38, who married  Catherine BRYSON 18 June 1901 in Allgeheny County, Pennsylvania. She was born  in January 1875 in Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, the daughter of  Thomas and Julia Bryson.

               41          ii.     William VANCE was born 13 March 1835 in Pennsylvania.  On 22 September 1859 in Meigs County, Ohio he married first Mary Jane HUGGINS who was born circa 1842 in Salisbury, Meigs County and died 23 October 1871 in that county at age 29. They had four children. Amanda Josephine Vance was born 25 March 1862 in Meigs County and died 2 March 1938 in Lincoln County, Kansas at age 75. She was buried in Sylvan Grove Cemetery, Sylvan Grove, Lincoln County. Amanda married 1 April 1888 John Calvin DECKER who was born 15 June 1864 in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, the son of Joseph Edward and Elizabeth (Hoover) Decker. He died 13 October 1947 in Lincoln County at age 83, and was buried in Sylvan Grove Cemetery. The couple had children Dora E., born in August 1889; William Joseph, born in November 1893; John C., born in May 1894 and died in 1974 at age 80; twin Ethel, born in March 1896; twin Edith, born in March 1896 and died in 1972 at age 76; Robert E., born 22 May 1898 and died 29 June 1966 at age 68; Maud, born in May 1900; Ray, born circa 1903; and Pearl, born circa 1905.  Alice Medora, known as Dora, was born 13 December 1863 in Meigs County and married 5 December 1901 Abner Curtis HEATON, the son of Charles and Catherine (Scott) Heaton, who was born 31 December 1855 in Meigs County and died of myocarditis and prostatitis at age 84 on 25 October 1940 in Mutual, Champaign County, Ohio. The couple had no children. Mary A. Vance, called Minnie, born in February 1868 in Meigs County, never married and resided in New Brighton, Beaver County, Pennsylvania. Ida Rowena Vance was born in March 1870 in Meigs County and married 25 February 1893 in that county Jacob MITSCH, the son of Frederick and Louisa Mitsch, who was born in May 1868 in Minersville, Meigs County. They had children Eber Eugene, born  7 October 1893, who married  Emma A. SMITH 4 August 1914 in Beaver County, Pennsylvania; Eunice Isabelle, born 18 September 1896 and died in February 1982 in Beaver County, Pennsylvania at age 85, who married 22 December 1915 in that county Garnet Ernest SAYRE, the son of William C. and Rachel S. (Jones) Sayre, who was born  30 July 1896 in Pennsylvania and died in Beaver County in August 1978 at age 82.; and William L., born circa 1901 in Meigs County.  After Mary Jane died William, a miner, married second Addie BOOTH 23 September 1875 in Meigs County. Addie was born circa 1855 in Virginia. William died 16 April 1900 in Pomeroy, Meigs Count at age 65.

+            42        iii.     Joshua W. VANCE; born in 1839; married Clarissa Minerva 'Clara' FIFE.

     7.  Elizabeth2 VANCE (Robert1) was born circa 1807 in Pennsylvania and married Joseph WILKINS 22 December 1825. She died between 1836 and 1845 in Guernsey County, Ohio.

     By the 1850 federal census, Washington Township, Guernsey County, Joseph, w shoemaker who was born circa 1807 in Pennsylvania, was married to Eleanor Bell, born circa 1819 in Ireland. The couple had four children. Marion, born circa 1845; Rebecca Ellen, born in April 1848 and died in 1923 at age 75 in Kosciusko County, Indiana, who married Joseph M. Meek 18 August 1867 in that county; Jane Bell, born in November 1850 and died in Kosciusko County in 1921 at age 71, who married William H. H. Bowen 22 June 1867 in that county; and Sarah Catherine, born circa 1857 and died 25 February 1913 in Kosciusko County, who married George W. Fifer 14 March 1875 in Kosciusko County. Joseph, Eleanor and family moved to Harrison Township, Blackford County, Indiana between 1852 and 1860.

     Known children of Elizabeth2 VANCE and Joseph WILKINS, both born in Guernsey County, Ohio, were as follows:

               43           i.     Margaret3 WiILKINS was born circa 1833.

               44          ii.     Joseph WILKINS was born circa 1836 and  30 December 1901 in Belmont County, Ohio at age 65. On 28 April 1883 in Belmont County he married Rebecca Johanna CONNOR, the daughter of John and  Minerva (McCrola) Connor, who was born 25 March 1849 in Noble County, Ohio. She died of endocarditis 14 January 1932 in Barnesville, Belmont County at age 82, and was buried 17 January 1932 in Southern Cemetery in Belmont County. The couple's two sons, both born in Belmont County, were George Dallas, known as Dallas, who was born 29 November 1885, and never married; and Charles Walter, born 21 October 1887 and died 25 January 1972 in Belmont County at age 84, who married  Mabel E. WILSON 11 April 1912 in St. Clairsville, Belmont County. Mabel, the daughter of Edwin and Eliza (Shuce) Wilson, was born 23 October 1886 in Belmont County and died there 20 May 1961 at age 74. Charles and Mabel had daughters Mildred E., born 17 April 1913 and died 30 September 2008 at age 95 in Belmont County, who never married; Rebecca W., born 12 June 1916 and died 31 December 1996 in Belmont County at age 80, who never married; Marjorie K., born circa 1919; and Jean Rosamond who married Charles Vernon SMITH 11 November 1943 in Belmont County.

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